Twitch is a platform that seems to have it all; This social network, although famous for video games and important eSports competitions, is a perfect place to share content about almost anything. Many streamers, male and female, have achieved success by taking advantage of the benefits of the tools and functionalities that Twitch offers from its control panel, and also through external services with which it is very helpful to activate commands, moderate the channel’s chat, promote the streams on other social networks and even grow and get Drops.

But since the sky is the limit, Twitch has also created a fantastic option with which it is possible to record small videos of the transmissions that we love and share them with our friends wherever we want. This option that has everyone fascinated is called Twitch Clips, and here we tell you what it is about, how to use it and how to find Clips on Twitch .

What is Twitch Clips?

Clip is a fabulous option that Twitch has created and made available to its community so that anyone can record those parts of a broadcast that are exciting, unique, unrepeatable, and worth keeping forever. Clips are not only a tool that allows us, in a very simple way, to record a short video (clip) of 30 seconds, and decide which part you want to record, but it is also a great bet for streamers to promote their games and other live shows. efficiently and easily.

Twitch clips allow users and streamers who want to convey a bit of that emotion they’re enjoying and have a recording on your channel or your own to find it when they want. Individual clips (from any channel or streamer) and clips from your own channel can be recorded and all of them are available in the Twitch dashboard. If you want to save the clip for offline viewing, you need to use the TwitchClipDownloader converter to make it easier to download.

How to create a clip on Twitch

Creating a clip-on Twitch is very easy, and it won’t take you more than a few steps. The first thing is that you must be in a broadcast or watching a recording on Twitch, in order to create it. Well, you should look for the ‘clip’ option, which is a kind of recording box, located in the lower right corner of the playback bar, next to the gear wheel.

When you click this icon, the function will record the previous 25 seconds (the moment you just clicked) and the next 5 seconds, for a total of 30 seconds. The clip will be generated automatically and an options window will appear to share it as a link: Twitter, Facebook, among others. Choose where you want to share the clip, and voila.

You can give it any name you want, but if not, the clip will take a name associated with the name of the broadcast you are watching. If the clip that has been generated is not exactly what you wanted because it has not recorded the precise moment that you hope to share, then you have the option of editing it and extending it to a recording of 60 seconds; or also to cut it to only 10 seconds.

Once you edit it, you must choose the ‘save’ option, so that the clip is published and stored; When you save it, you can view it ready. Each new clip you create carries concise and supplemental information that shows who created the clip (your Twitch ID), the title of the stream from which you pulled the clip, the name of the streamer who was broadcasting, and the name of the game. the broadcast.

This simple procedure is the one you must follow to create a clip-on Twitch from the platform’s desktop version, but you can also create and share clips from iOS or Android. If this is your case, when you are viewing a transmission, touch the screen of the device so that several options appear, and among them (if you use iOS) the share icon, which you must enter to take you to the option ‘create clip’. If you use Android, touch the screen and look for the option ‘create clip’, which appears in the video player.

The clips that you create on Twitch can be shared through social networks or through whispers, and you could copy that link and leave it in your channel’s chat so that others can access it and have some interesting parts of the transmission.

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