If you’ve been putting your Calgary hardwood flooring installation on hold due to Covid fears, you can find flooring companies following safe flooring procedures. Here’s how to find a company that is using safe flooring installation for your pandemic flooring project.

Ask for Remote Quotes & Estimates

If you want to feel safe about your hardwood flooring Calgary project, always ask for a remote quote and estimate. Although it is always preferable to conduct this step in person, if you are worried, your flooring experts should ensure they can meet your needs and do things over the phone. You’ll need to provide details about the space, as well as your hardwood flooring choices. Just keep in mind a location estimate will still be required to confirm costs as restrictions allow.

Ensuring Protection for Their Installers

Ask how the flooring installing company protects their installers. You want a company that puts health first and ensures their team is equipped with protection that keeps them and your family safe. Proper masks during the installation process should be worn at all times. They should also thoroughly disinfectant any equipment that stays in your home. A wipe down of frequently touched surfaces in the area where they are working is also recommended.

Social Distancing at Your Home

Your hardwood flooring installers should be sure to maintain social distancing when at your home. Wearing a mask is not enough. Especially in small spaces where distancing is not possible, precautions should be taken to ensure interaction is limited while they work.

Screening Questions

Before entering your home, flooring installers might ask screening questions to protect themselves from exposure to people with symptoms, or who might have travelled to high-risk areas. The staff should have been screened themselves before being allowed to visit a job site.


Ask if the installers have been vaccinated and if so if they are fully or partially vaccinated. This will offer further peace of mind that the risk of transmission is reduced.

Washroom Use

Since workers might need to use a bathroom while working, be sure you assign a specific bathroom for them. You can then wipe down the area yourself if you want to ensure there is no contamination.

Be Prepared

The flooring is usually delivered prior to installation. Make sure you understand how much flooring will arrive and ask about how much space is needed to store it. You will also have to clear out the rooms where flooring will be installed including all furniture and artwork on the walls. If you have mobility issues, ask if it’s possible to have assistance moving larger items.

Many flooring companies won’t assist as they are not insured to do so. Be sure to ask so you know what they will and won’t do. This way, if necessary, you can make arrangements to have someone come in to assist with moving the furniture for you.

By asking a few questions you can make sure you feel comfortable your hardwood flooring installation will be safe. You’ll finally be able to get the floors you’ve always wanted worry-free.