How to Find Similar Images and Clean up your Windows PC

Similar images or duplicate images hog up important space turns into junk if not used for a longer time and make the system slow. If you have lots of similar or duplicate images you are wasting your precious disk space. But it can be very frustrating and time-consuming finding each and every similar photo and removing them. It is also nearly impossible to do so if you are a photographer or blogger and have piles of images. In that case, we would suggest you to get the best duplicate photo remover. You should make folders for different kinds of images to keep everything organized and easy to find. Download and install Quick photo finder if you want to run a complete system scan and remove duplicate or similar images. 

Firstly let us discuss how and why we end up having these many similar or duplicate images?

While uploading images in the system we transfer everything, that consists of edited images or shared WhatsApp images. Which makes two or more copies from the original. It can also happen while downloading anything from the web and you have downloaded the same thing twice. Backing up data can also be one of the reasons. Below mentioned are some easy tweaks you can follow to locate and clean similar images:

  1. Run a Disk cleanup-  Disk Cleanup is an in-built Windows tool that searches your disk then shows you temporary files, web cache files, and used program files that you can simply delete. You can direct the Disk cleanup tool to be able to delete some or all of these files. This tool helps to guide you through a series of tasks and systematic procedures, which makes things a little smoother and you can go back to work quickly. These are the steps to use this tool:
  • Open File Explorer on your desktop
  • On the hard drive, icon right-click on it and open properties
  • On the next tab click on Disk cleanup
  • Wait for a little while Disk cleanup is calculating space to free up
  • Select or unselect files you want to remove and click OK
  • Click on the delete option to begin the process
  • Wait till it’s done
  1. Use best duplicate remover application- We recommend Quick photo finder, with this pro application that is built with smart algorithms and will run a complete scan of your PC, detect and remove every duplicate or even slight similar photos.  Also, provide improved system performance. 

 Following are the features of the Quick photo finder app:

  •  Intelligent algorithms– with this feature don’t worry about even a single picture left behind to scan. It will scan and find every similar and identical image. 
  • External support – it not only scans your PC but will also help manage space in your external storage devices like pen drives. 
  • Scan results in groups – after scanning the results shown by the Quick photo finder are in groups which makes it easy to select pictures and remove them.  
  • Provides filters – with this app you can apply different filters for more precise results. Filers like time interval, GPS, image size, and dimensions are provided.
  • Drag and drop feature – while uploading files you can also just drag and drop it, which makes the work more convenient.
  • Auto mark – auto mark allows you to select photos after the scanning is done and with just one click you can immediately delete them.
  • More storage space – cleaning system means definitely more storage space, with Quick photo finder you can store what’s actually important and optimize system performance.

Conclusion– having dupe shots not only hogs up space but also has a negative impact on the system. Like we discussed in this article how we end up storing duplicate images but we don’t realize until our system starts to run slow or show glitches. It is important to maintain particular folders for files and images to save your precious time while looking for any image. Also, be careful while downloading or uploading images, and make sure you are not saving anything twice. To clean up your PC you can also uninstall all unwanted files and apps that are no longer used.