Due to Covid-19, online medical consultation is gaining momentum all around the world. With lockdown and work from home, the stress has been insurmountable. And if a person is suffering through an ailment, it may lead to additional anxiety as visiting a doctor physically is still risky. Hence, people nowadays prefer to take online doctor appointments from the comfort of their homes. Unlike other facilities such as clothing, groceries, etc., healthcare is a serious affair. Many people still have doubts regarding online consultation due to the possibility of fraud online. Let’ dive deep into the nitty-gritty of online consultation and see how you can book one for yourself.

What Is An Online Medical Consultation?

As the name suggests, it is consulting a health professional through the internet. You can register online and speak to your preferred doctor for any annulment. This can either be done through chat, call, or a video call. The rest process goes on just like a physical checkup. In an online consultation, you may have to examine yourself physically for any symptoms, unlike in a doctor’s visit. All you need to do is follow your doctor’s instructions carefully and let them know any signs in detail. Online consultations are not limited to general diseases such as cold, flu, and fever and cater to chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, skin disorders, etc.

What Are Some Common Myths Regarding Online Consultation?

People still keep a distance from consulting a doctor online due to various wrong notions. Here are a few myths that need to be debunked before you book your first online doctor appointment.

Online Consultation Is Illegal

Online consultation is recognized by The Government of India and is legal if all the laws are followed. All the laws that apply to a medical practitioner while physical consultation is applicable for virtual consultation without any changes.

Compromise in Quality Of Healthcare

This myth stems from the fact how the internet harbors malicious sites and fraudsters. But it is untrue if you are consulting through an approved website. You get the top doctors of their field over a single platform. 

Incorrect Diagnosis without Physical Examination

Though various ailments need physical checkups, a plethora of diseases can be diagnosed without it. Additionally, if a physical consultation is necessary, your online doctor will recommend the same. Hence, there is no room for inaccurate diagnosis in an online consultation.

Fragmented Doctor-Patient Relationship

With proper maintenance of records and good follow-up features, online medical consultation may ensure a healthier doctor-patient relationship. For instance, a patient can ask their doctor through chat messages about any doubts after the consultation without any glitch.

No Patient Privacy

Information may likely get stolen over the internet. But online app health providers pay extra heed to a patient’s medical records’ safety and privacy. Heavy investment goes into secure data centres with encryption for zero chances of any unauthorized activity.

How Is Online Consultation Beneficial?

Online consultation has its pros and cons, but benefits overshadow any limitations. Let’s look into how you can benefit from seeing a doctor online.

Instant Medical Attention

A person can get prompt medical treatment if they start to feel ill without any wait or long commute. You can see your doctor at any time and get a response immediately, even late at night.


For an online appointment, you do not even have to leave your couch. There is no waiting time or travelling to see a doctor online. You can access your health care professional 24/7 and book an online doctor appointment at your convenience.


A person has to wait in a long queue and wait for their turn in a physical visit. This can be tiring for people with stressful work commitments. In an online consultation, there is no wait time, and you can consult quickly at the scheduled time.


People who need regular visits to a doctor spend heavy money. Online consultation is cost-effective as it involves no registration fee, zero transportation cost, and no extra charge for fuel. Hence, you save a lot over the long run through online medical consultation.

How to Book an Online Doctor Appointment?

Many people have this misconception that booking an online appointment is tricky. In reality, it is easier than waiting in long queues at a hospital.

  • Go To a registered and authentic healthcare website and make your account or check with your doctor for his website.
  • Select your preferred doctor as per your condition, pricing, and comfort from the multiple options available.
  • Choose the desired appointment slot and confirm your appointment.
  • Pay the required fee through any acceptable online payment mode, and you are all set for your online consultation.


Online consultation is the new normal that we all must embrace. It is not only cost-effective but provides premium healthcare at your doorstep. Choose a doctor as per your preference and be assured of a smooth consultation.