hp printer offline fix windows 10

Yes, the HP printer offline error on Windows 10 and Mac is sure to frustrate users. This is one of the common problems faced by 50% of wireless printer users. In this case, the device will not allow you to print. Therefore, to fix the printer status that is still offline, please follow the solution carefully and solve it quickly. To take advantage of expert assistance, please request a call back immediately.

Avail of all possible solutions for HP printer offline fix windows 10 error message on Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac. My HP keeps going offline message mostly appears on Envy 5000, 4520, and Officejet 8710, 3830. So, without wasting your time, follow the instructions from each method to regain the printer’s online status.

Fix: [1] Check the Cable Connections

Ensure the accurate connectivity of the printer device and system to avoid HP printer offline error. Therefore, follow the steps for connectivity to avoid offline status on Windows 10. 

  • Ensure the correct network connectivity between the printer and the system.
  • Moreover, examine all the USB connections made correctly.
  • If you are using a wireless printer then make sure the internet and router work precisely.

Avail the next solution to troubleshoot HP wireless printer offline message on windows 10.

Fix: [2] Restart HP Wireless Printer, Router to Fix Offline Error Message

If your system is unable to discover the wireless printer over a Wi-fi connection. Then you are supposed to restart your system, printer device, and router. After that, you required to make a new connection between them.

  • Firstly, turn OFF your wireless printer then wait for at least 20 seconds.
  • Next, you expected to disconnect the power cable from its rear end.
  • Now, turn OFF the system from which you were trying to print documents.
  • Then, connect the power cable to the rear side of the printer. Now, turn it ON.
  • Now, disconnect the power cable of the wireless router and wait for 20 seconds.
  • Next, reconnect the power cord to the wi-fi router.
  • Finally, turn ON your system.

Your system, printer, and network are ready to make a new connection. So, continue to the next method.

Fix: [3] Link Wireless Printer to the Network (Touchscreen Control Panel)

Connect HP wireless printer to your network by using HP wireless setup wizard for the touchscreen control panel. You may also connect the device via WPS or HP smart software if supported by your router.

  • Firstly, from your printer control panel, touch the wireless icon.
  • Next, click on the setup icon.
  • Now touch to the Restore Network Defaults or Restore Network Settings then click on yes to authenticate your preference.
  • Next, you are supposed to touch the back arrow button, then Wireless Settings, and then Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Now your printer will search for the available wi-fi networks.
  • Click on the name of your wireless network.
  • If your wireless network is unable to detect or locate by the printer, then click on Enter New Network Name. Next, type the name of your wireless network.
  • Finally, Enter the security password of your network (WEP or WPA Key) and then click on done.
  • If your printer got connected, then the blue wireless light will stop blinking and will remain ON.

Fix: [4] Reset and Reinstall- HP Offline Fix on Windows 10

Follow the stepwise guidance, if your HP printer showing offline on windows platforms 10, 8, and 7.

  • Firstly, access the run window by pressing the window key with the R key.
  • Next, search for “devmgmt.msc” from the run text box.
  • Now right-click on the printer icon from the device manager window.
  • Further right-click on the HP printer then proceed with the uninstall option.
  • Now navigate to the Devices and Printers option then click on the “Add a printer” button.
  • You are supposed to add the HP printer drivers to the Windows 10 system.
  • Finally, restart the system, then check whether my HP printer says offline message resolved or not.

Fix: [5] Deactivate the Automated Offline Commands

If you are not able to fix HP printer offline to online mode manually, then follow the steps recommended below:

  • First, click on the Start menu button.
  • Search and click on the Control Panel option.
  • Next, select the Devices and Printers option.
  • Now click on your HP printer icon.
  • Continue with the ‘See what’s printing’ option.
  • Search and click on the Printer icon on the next window.
  • Finally, click on “pause printing” or “Use HP printer offline” option to remove the checkmarks.

Now the HP Printer keeps saying offline issues must be resolve. So, ensure it by printing a document. If showing offline status, then you need to update the firmware 

How to Configuring your HP wireless printer to setup with Wi-Fi network

Printers have become part of our lives like computers. Today, they are used so much that the evolution has evolved from large posters to small business cards. The printer injects new vitality into your computer files. Since this is a different technology, it needs to be configured separately. Therefore, today we will learn how to configure wireless printers, especially the wireless configuration of HP printers. Even if you do not configure the printer correctly under any circumstances, please contact HP support and we will be happy to help you. But people may ask why it is wireless. Well, the obvious answer is technological advancement. The printer has been modified by engineers to create a compact design, so today, we see the latest printer models on the market, such as HP, with millions of customers worldwide. Speaking of HP printers, they can be used anywhere, such as in schools, offices, and can be easily configured at home.

So, let us get started with setting up HP wireless printer. What you need to do is to follow the below instructions so that you can easily setup the printer.

  1. Firstly, place the wireless printer away from any other electronic device and turn it on
  2. Here you will have to use touch screen embedded on the wireless printer to connect
  3. Select the right arrow key and then tap on “setup”
  4. Now, select “Network” option and then tap on “Wireless Setup Wizard”
  5. The printer will now search for the wireless routers that are in the range
  6. You will now have to select your Network or SSID from the list
  7. Once selected, input the password for the network and tap on “Done”
  8. The setup is now complete, so tap on “OK” to confirm and then tap “OK” to print wireless report if you require it, else tap “Skip”

That wasn’t difficult! By performing the steps mentioned above, you have successfully done the process of HP Printer Setup. The printer will now be listed when you give a print command from your device wirelessly.

But in case you face any technical difficulty in installing the printer, feel free to contact the HP Printer Support for HP Wireless Printer Setup