The medium-sized Possum is a mammal that can play dead in times of danger. They can be found in all kinds of habitats from urban areas to deserts. They are usually nocturnal and sleep during the day, but go out at night to search for food. Possums are scavengers and will enter your yard looking for food and shelter. Possum Removal Sydney

Possums are resourceful and will eat almost any plant or animal matter that is available. They can also shelter themselves in any dry, covered area, from attics to brush piles. These types of hiding places and deterrents will keep the possums away.

How to get rid of Possums Nesting in Your Attic

1. Check the habitat for potential hazards such as power lines or low-hanging tree branches. Remove any dangers that could pose a threat to both humans and possums.

2. You should remove possum-attractants from your yard such as open garbage cans and compost piles. Possums also love animal feces, so get rid of any droppings.

3. To humanely trap possums inside your attic, hire a professional possum trapper and release them elsewhere

How to Get Rid Of Possums In Garbage Cans

1. Garbage cans should be wrapped tightly in aluminum foil and secured with strong tape. This will prevent possums from opening and accessing the garbage can.

2. If possums are constantly getting into garbage cans, secure a piece plywood over them. To make sure possums can’t open your cans, you can padlock or chain all handles to the containers.

3. Place your garbage cans several inches below the ground, so that possums cannot move them or access any of it.

How to Get Rid Of Possums in a Trashcan

1. Rubber bands can be used to secure the tail of the possum, cutting off circulation. The possum won’t be able to use its tail, so it will have to go to another place to get food. This deterrent works for a brief time. Dead Possum Removal Sydney

2. You can place a trap next to the area where you see possums active and bait them with an irresistible food source.

3. Move possums 10 miles away from your home so that they can’t return to their natural habitat and invade your yard.

How to get rid of Possums from a Garage or Shed

1. Your items that are intended to deter possums should be kept in possum-proof containers.

2. Over possum entry points, hang chicken wire or mesh netting as a deterrent. Your shed or garage will not be accessible to the possum and they will not enter through these openings.

3. To humanely trap possums in your garage or shed, register for a pest control service. Professional possum trappers will seal any entry points that possums use in the area to make it difficult for them to enter again.