There is probably no kid in the world who doesn’t love picnics. Needless to mention, it is not only fun for kids but is refreshing for adults too. Since going to different places outside is still restricted, the idea of having a picnic sounds silly, right? But hold on, who said picnics could only be outdoors and not enjoyable indoors? With a little effort from you and picks from the trendy collection of kids’ play tent house, you can still make it the picnic day fun for your little one and for yourself too! After all, it’s the little things we do that give us memories to smile at for a lifetime.

Here’s what you have to do for a fun stay-at-home picnic day for the whole family:

1) Planning: First things first, plan ahead and set up the mood. Ask your children what they would like to do, ask for their ideas, and make them excited about it. Choose a day where none of you need to attend any online or on-call business. As you plan, try to arrange for everything that you can.

2) Dress up with your glasses on: Make it feel real. Dress up nicely or just like you would otherwise. Maybe order a few pairs of stylish sunglasses for the entire family and wear them to get on with the picnic mood and start packing. Take all the necessary food items, mats and bedsheets, speakers and mics, cars and toys, and most importantly, a tent house for your kids.

3) Select your picnic spot: It could be your lawn, garden, backyard, verandah, or even your balcony; you can opt for any spot as long as you are inside your perimeters. For the outdoors of your house, set up the tables and tents as you want. But for indoors, preferably clear the rooms as much as possible and make the setup feel better with plants and lamps. And don’t forget to add a few pillows and cushions to the tent to make it cozy. 

4) Start with the food preparation: Once the setup is complete, you can start your food preparation. Try to make something special for everyone. As you cook, your children can either help you out in minimal cute ways or get along with their own games.

5) Don’t forget to have fun: As the food preparation goes on, have fun together. Play some music, play some board games or opt for ones where you can have a little talent show of your own. 

6) FOOD TIME IS THE BEST: Serve it hot and eat together. Have a little chit-chat and fill your stomachs up.

7) Plan for a team activity after food: It could be as simple as watching a movie together or settling in the tents for little storytimes. Whatever it be, do it together and done! There you have a safe and fun day out at home!

So why wait when tent house for kids price starts from as low as a few hundreds! Picnic time is tent time. Be it for outdoors or indoors- we have something for your little bub. So check out the inventory of these fascinating little hideouts right away. Do not forget to add the quilts and cushions to ensure maximum comfort.