Nothing attracts a woman more than a self-confident man. You probably heard that a million times before, but we all know that is all but easy to build some self-esteem, especially if you keep racking up failures. Do you want to stop melting down to a stuttering toad every time you talk to a girl you like? Although there’s no magic wand that could instantly transform you in a stereotypical alpha male, these few hints can still be helpful to boost your confidence with women.

  1. Don’t be embarrassed about shyness

As complicate as it may sound, women do like some degree of shyness in a man, provided he still doesn’t end up being nervous or sheepish. You need the best of both worlds by mixing up some timidity with your secure behavior, although you should never looking meek or insecure (i.e. never avoid eye contact). Most women don’t like the bragging or brash types, and may be scared by an aggressive approach. If it’s not so easy to set aside embarrassment, well, don’t do it and use it to be even more successful. Let a girl feel that no matter how strong and chivalrous you may look, you’re still somewhat vulnerable, and she’ll open her heart to you.

  • Cut down the drama

Nobody, especially women, like those who put a fight or an argument about nothing. Did the waiter serve you the wrong meal? Don’t make a fuss over it or start silently brooding about that. Just politely ask if he can fix the order and then change the topic. If you asked her out on a date, she’s expecting to spend some quality time with you and live a lighter experience. If you bring drama to the first appointment, you’re set for… disappointment. Bottom line, stop whining and be a man, which is beneficial to your self-esteem, too.

  • Know more about the opposite sex

Knowledge is power, said Sir Francis Bacon (who’s not the inventor of American breakfast, by the way). The more you know about women, the better you can understand them, their behaviors and their subtle ways to express their feelings to you. Nothing turns off a girl more than feeling like she’s talking to a dumb brick wall who doesn’t understand her in any way. Knowing more about them will build up your confidence, make you feel less clumsy, and build up some physical chemistry. So, try to learn more about what they want and, unsurprisingly enough, you will know what to do to make them happier and how to behave around them.

  • Be generous and dependable

People who’re cheap with money are often tight with emotions and feelings, and women know that very well. Generosity is a powerful tool when it comes to attraction, because it will make a woman feel that guy is able to take care of her. However, you need to be more than just lavish with cash. Showing a good degree of open-mindedness goes a long way to explain your unselfishness, which is an extremely negative thing especially when things can move to… more personal encounters. Sexual selfishness is one of the most common intimacy problems, so playing the right cards will significantly help you increase your chances of success.

  • Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable

Women don’t just look at your clothes (but they do, a lot), they also look at the way you walk. You don’t just need to look stylish, you need to feel comfortable with what you wear. If that new tartan jacket you just bought looks fantastic on you, but still makes you walk like a constipated penguin… try something else that makes you feel less dumb. This doesn’t mean you should walk around with that ugly 1980s sweater your grandma made for you last Christmas, either. Also, try to avoid walking in slow-motion to look cooler: there’s no big explosion behind your back to make you look like a Hollywood actor.

All things said, the most efficient way to improve your self-confidence is just… feeling better with yourself. The more you think you’re confident and successful, the more you will look like you actually are. And women are absolutely going to notice that too!