How To Install Sod In McKinney; Step By Step Guide

Are you looking for grass sod installation McKinney? Don’t worry; we got the complete package for you. If you are worrying about a sparse, weedy lawn renewing or barren backyard, laying sod is an easy way to an instant lush lawn. The cost will vary according to the size of your yard or backyard, but the lawn/backyard would be completely new.

Some steps are needed to be ensured by you for sod installation, especially if you are in McKinney, then you need to learn about sod installation McKinney. The main aim should be to lay sod in spring where cool-season grasses are ruling and any time in the year when warm turf is the king.

Steps For Sod Installation:

Suppose you want sod installation McKinney, which has an average annual temperature of 19C and almost about 87% humidity. In that case, you need to make sure of the following measures and step while planning for a sod installation to ensure healthy growth of grass and keeping it shiny and glossy.

  • Take A Soil Test:

To give your turf the best-growing environment, then it is essential to test your soil. Most of the turf grows in aerated soil with Ph slightly towards the acidic side. You need a soil testing kit. You can also get it to testify in the lab, and the results are approximately to return within two weeks.

  • Measure The Area You’ll Be Sodidng:

To make your turn look more glowing, you need to make sure that you have enough sod. For the safe side, order 5% extra sod so that you are not left with empty spaces. So to avoid any shortage of sod, it is better to get extra sod cause it can also be used later if some of it is left over.

  • Dig Organic Matter Into Soil:

Use a rototiller to loosen up the soil to dig 6-8 inches into the ground. Remove debris you found while searching, such as rocks. Add 2-3 inches of organic matter as they allow aeration in the soil, allow water retention and increases microbiological population in the ground. In short, make the soil more fertilized.

  • Rake Soil Level:

You need to ensure that you’ve raked soil area 1 inch below the sprinkler heads and the paved regions like sidewalks, pathways and driveways. Raking level out the surface and loosen up the soil particles. Making the soil ideal for grass to sink in. The soil is needed to be sod before you grass it so moist it well for 24 – 48 hours before gardening.

  • Unroll Turf:

Start laying turf along a straight edge, such as a patio, a fence, a flower bed and driveways. Work with each one of the piece laying one at a time, end to end. Avoid walking on sod as you lay it. And avoid making footprints as you lay the sod. Pad sod carefully so that there are no air pockets between soil and sod.

  • Lay Turf In Rows:

When you have completed laying the first piece of the sod, then cut it. Now start laying the second piece against the first one staggering the joints like coarse in bricks. An old or cheap carpet knife is good to do the work.

  • Create Tight Seams:

Align edges of sod together tightly but without creating overlap onto the other sod. To ensure the tightness, use your thumb and push it against the boundaries to fit them snugly against each other. Ensure that there are not any air pockets and bare soil showing along the seam.

  • Small Turf Pieces Should Be In Middle:

While placing the turf in the soil, ensure that small pieces are placed in the lawn centre to confirm that all the parts of the sod are touching the other sod pieces. If you put the small sod pieces along the soil’s edges, this will cause the soil area to be uncovered and cause the sod to shrink and die.

  • Cut Curves:

To ensure the curving sections just right, layout the curve with the hose. Use a lawn edger to slice neatly along the curves. Use the carpet knife to cut open sod for irrigation heads, trees and other obstacles.

  • Fill In Seams:

Brush up the top of the soil using the broom. You need to make sure that the top of the sod is not pushing so hard that it loosens up the sod from the edges and other sod material. It will remove any unwanted particle from the sod, ensuring excellent and healthy growth of the turf.

  • Roll Sod:

Use a lawn roller to push sod firmly against the soil beneath. A tight connection is needed to be ensured to grass roots to be firmly finding their place in the ground. The travelling over sod should be limited to 3 weeks to ensure that the sod finds its connection firmly in the land.

  • Sprinkle Sod Gently:

Continue to water your newly established sod daily to ensure healthy growth of your turf. Ensure that the sod is not having water puddles. If something like that happens, reduce the frequency of watering the sod. Ensuring optimum watering will cause grass roots to sink deeper into the soil.

  • Others:

Mower the grass frequently to ensure that your newly sod soil is appealing to eyes, and after the fourth week of growths, add a growth fertilizer to enhance the development of the grass soil and ensure that the grass is healthy and shiny.


The grass sod installation McKinney is one of the crucial work and not easy to be done. If you have understood the steps mentioned above, then you are good to go on your own otherwise, come to us we’ll solve this issue for you. We provide the best grass sod installation McKinney. The prices are as per your budget, and the quality would be beyond your imagination. Your lawn/backyard would look just like new. If you are looking for sod installation McKinney, then no need to wander around in McKinney searching for someone to sod your lawn for you to come straight to us.