How To Keep Your Garden Lush Green With Easy Maintenance

Are you frustrated to see your garden dry out early as compared to your neighbor’s garden? If yes, then let me tell you the secret behind the green and mean garden. All it takes a little time and effort to make your garden healthy.

Culms of grass grow that block the water to reach deep roots. Blockage of water breaks down the microbes that are responsible for enriching the soil of your lawn. In that case, the soil becomes compact, and grass plants will not grow properly, and if it did, the plants would be dull in appearance.

To cover all the problems, garden maintenance services Melbourne turns the unhealthy lawn into a lush green lawn with its incredible services.

Let’s dive in to know these easy maintenance services!

Easy Steps of Maintenance

A healthy garden doesn’t require various kinds of chemicals. Instead, the proper watering, mowing, and organic fertilizers keep your garden mean and healthy. With the right maintenance, it can even resist drought and disease. Here, we will enlighten you on some of the necessary steps to keep your lawn lush green with garden maintenance services Melbourne!

Deep Watering:

It’s essential to water your lawn heavily because it won’t go in-depth with soil if you do it lightly. Without enough water, the roots will not develop properly. So, it is mostly recommended to water the soil from 6 to 8 inches deep to promote the roots to grow enormously.  

The amount of water also depends on soil types and weather, but the general rule is to water the soil up to an inch from the ground. Whenever you feel like the grass doesn’t spring when you walk on it, your garden needs watering. The appropriate time of watering is in the early morning and late evening.

Trim Grass Plants:

Trimming of grass plants is vital to decrease the load of the lawn. A slack of grass needs more nutrients and water from the roots. That’s why mowing will help you develop a more decadent and thick lawn resistant to any disease and weeds. Mowing your lawn often will promote the grass plants to expand.

 It’s best to trim the plants in the growing season but make sure not to do it more than one-third of each grass plant. Besides, the winter season grass should be kept 3 inches tall, and summer-season grasses should be kept 2 to 2.5 inches more elevated from the ground. It will enhance the photosynthetic ability of grass.

Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance includes some jobs you do throughout the year to make your garden fresh and healthy. Some are as follows:


Soil needs fertilizers to provide nutrients to the grass. If grass proliferates, then it means its nutrient requirement is more than the average plant. So, the successful way of fertilization is using granular fertilizer twice a year.

It slowly spread into the roots and strengthens them against drought and weeds. Natural fertilizers can also be used, such as manure or compost, to enrich the soil.

Aeration of Soil:

Due to foot trafficking, the organic matter breaks because the air can’t reach the microbes. Ultimately, your lawn becomes dry, and grass will change its color. To stop this from happening, it’s best to aerate your compact soil once or twice a year.

Garden maintenance service Melbourne can provide automatic and manual aerators. Aerators help to make shallow holes by separating the soil into narrow sections. Then the holes allow the air, water, and organic matter to enter and revitalize the soil.

Thatch Removal:

Thatch blocks the air and water from reaching to soil due to its heavy straws that gather around the grass plant’s base. It is made up of slacks and crowns that have dry out and then died naturally. It’s essential to remove the thatch so that the water can reach deeply in the soil and the evaporation will not be blocked.

Rooting Out of Weeds:

Your lawn needs weeding throughout the year. Grass that has grown according to modern mixtures can discard most of the weeds themselves. Only if your grass is weak then is there a possibility of many weeds popping out from it.

The common reason for weeds presence in the grass is due to water deficiency or too short length of grass plants. Although, there is nothing much to worry about the weeds. You can root out the weeds that detract your lawn’s healthy appearance.

Disease Resistant:

The disease spreads in your lawn when fungi feed on the grass plant. To keep your lawn healthy and resistant to any disease, you can use a quality fungicide that will be available at any garden care center. We help you to identify your lawn disease and make it healthy and green.

Healthy Garden By Scouting Landscaping Near You!

Regular maintenance encourages your lawn growth. Are you one of those people who always think that “is there landscaping near me that could help my garden to have a new outlook and also complements my home?” It keeps your lawn healthy and green in such a way that people are attracted to have a look at your beautiful lawn.

Moreover, it makes your lawn refreshing and helps to cool your home with the amount of oxygen it releases. With proper maintenance and care, any unhealthy lawn can bring towards recovery.    


Lastly, we have told you about the easy steps that will keep your lawn as green as it can be, and you won’t have “landscaping near me” thoughts anymore. Heavy watering will promote the deep roots to spread throughout the ground. While mowing with a sharp blade reduces the brown tips of the grass plant. To maintain a healthy lawn, the use of effective fertilizer and weed killer is essential.

Moreover, power aerators allow the compact soil to enrich with air, water, organic matter through shallow soil holes. Besides, have you ever wondered that “exploring any landscaping near me will give me ideas to turns my dull lawn into a lush green garden.” We also offer many maintenance services and like trimming, dethatching, weeding, and many more. Now, keep your lawn view exceptional and healthy with our services!