How to live with erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be described as the persistent or recurrent inability or maintaining an erection. It is a problem that affects up to half of Brits aged 40-70. However, ED can occur at any age. Erectile dysfunction can have many causes and many of these problems can be fixed. if you are suffering erectile dysfunction then you can use this Cenforce 200mg. Having ED can cause men to lose their confidence. Here are some tips to help fix the problem or learn to live with it.


If ED is something you are experiencing or are worried about, then you should learn as much information as you can. An e-mail survey of 2000 Brits revealed that 38% are not aware there are many causes of ED. A shocking statistic is that only 9% of those surveyed knew that there were treatment options for ED sufferers. This further proves that people don’t know enough about erectile dysfunction. You have a lot of information available so be sure to read up on it.

A healthier lifestyle

Excessive alcohol or drug intake, smoking, excess weight, or a lack of exercise can all lead to ED. These problems can be quickly addressed by leading a healthier lifestyle. For example, excessive alcohol or drug use can cause more issues than just ED. Quitting smoking and reducing your alcohol intake will make a difference in every aspect of your life. Regular exercise can not only benefit your body and increase your energy, but it can also help with erectile dysfunction.


There are many treatments available for ED issues. To improve your performance in the bedroom, you can use several tablets to increase blood flow to the penis. Each tablet has its own benefits so you should consult your GP before you start any medication. There are several drugs that you can choose from:






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Having a dialogue with your partner and your friends is key to addressing ED. This problem can be attributed both to psychological problems as well as physical issues. Talking can help. Research shows that men are three times more likely to talk with women about erection issues than their female counterparts and that those aged 18-24 are least comfortable discussing such problems. Talking about ED with your partner is a must, especially if you suffer from it. You can get advice and help together to overcome it.

Alternative pills for ED

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