How To Plant Turf Like Pro

Have you ever heard of turf? Turf is an already grown grass or grown seed. It’s like a carpet of grass with a piece of soil attached to it. We slice the layer of soil with lush green grass growing on top. It is for outdoor gardens. You put it in the barren areas or no grass areas of the garden. Lawn laying Melbourne is not easy due to barren or frozen soil.

Planning to have a good-looking turf installation Melbourne is not an easy procedure. Turf installation is a whole technique to lay green grass to the garden patches where no grass grows. It needs professional skills. Land scrapers best know how much you dig the soil for getting long-term growing grass.

How Deep Should You Dig?

Grass needs complete nutrients to grow, especially when facing so much travelling and detachment from the soil. Try to dig deep at least up to 15cm. Professional scrappers to turf installation Melbourne locals prefer digs up to 25-30 cm if possible. Grass needs deep rooting for absorbing minerals to sustain its life. Better digging will ensure more chances for grass to live.

Give Your Soil The Right Mix.

You can order topsoil and mix it with your already existing garden soil. Lawn laying Melbourne is only possible when you add good source soil. The technique is simple: dig your soil upside down, then mix good soil that you source from outside. It can be a complicated procedure. This procedure is vital to make the soil rich in minerals.

If your soil is enriched with minerals and nutrients, you don’t have to add costly fertilizer how your soil feels from the inside matters. Your soil only gives the best grass if it is rich from inside. Turf installation Melbourne requires complete assessment and management; after watching the ground area and soil quality, the turf will match your land quality.

Choose The Right Grass For Your Garden.

Not everything grows everywhere. First, analyze your soil. Talk to some professional land scrappers before ordering grass turf. Test the level of the ground and find how much potential your soil carries. Some soils don’t support the natural growth of grass. Likewise, some soils result in producing lighter grass. Artificial grass can be the solution to such sorts of issues.


Grass growth from turf requires more than regular nutrients. Because they faced lots of travelling and different atmospheres being detached from land, the onset of grass growth will need extra food that fertilizers will provide. These fertilizers might cost extra. However, the result that you will see after adding fertilizers will be more persistent and faster.

Prepare the lower layer of soil ready. Order your fertilizer before ordering turf to have enough time to make your level of soil rich. Rich enough to accept the new turf soil layer over it. Once your soil is ready, you are good to order turf. Otherwise, delay in laying turf can cost you dead turfgrass. Try to lay turf as soon as possible you get it.

The Shelf Life Of The Turf

Shelf life is how much your turf has to lay on the shelf before getting laid on the soil. As the soil scraped from the ground has grass on it, so you better do hurry. They would not stay green for more than one day if you left them detached from soil and water. No one can promise the shelf life of the turf. So if you are planning to lay a lawn in Melbourne, you should order it according to your power to lay turf in one day.

Laying Lawn, Yourself

If you plan to set turf by yourself, you should be well ready to get rough. We recommend getting this job done by professional land scrappers. Laying turf is a hectic job. You might be facing rough hands after it. Working in an open atmosphere is not easy; it comes with many issues like sunburn, sweating, and the chance of getting an infection.

Protect Your Skin

Working under the sun in an open area is not easy. Cover your body correctly before going to the lawn area. Cover your body with breathable material. Sweating can drain your hydration levels, so try to stay hydrated. Apply sunscreen to protect from getting sunburn rashes. While digging and mixing soil, you can get dirt underneath your nails. Later you can get an infection, try to wear hand gloves.

Prevent The Crushing Of Turf

Once you start working from one side to the other side of the garden, there is a high chance where turf can come under your foot. To prevent crushing turf under your feet simple solution is using wooden planks. Place them on already laid turf, step over them, and start placing the next turf on the ground. Pressing of turf against the soil makes them well connected to the ground.

It is also necessary after your garden is ready. Green garden is everybody desire to sit or run. Just wait for a couple of days. The grass is feeble and requires little time to grasp the ground well. In this case, a wooden plank will be useful to cover turf and press it simultaneously. Pay more love to the sides of the garden where you get first bald usually.

Irrigation Of Turf

When the grass grows on soil, it penetrates long deep roots to reach water levels belowground. But when you order turf for your garden, the case is different. You will get cut short roots. Turf scrappers slice the nominal width of soil attached to grass. It results in cutting off long roots to concise ones. Once you laid turf, irrigate them well with water. They need lots of water to survive and grow.


A green garden is an ideal situation for any wide-open place. It provides freshness to the eyes. We have highlighted some well-examined techniques of lawn laying Melbourne and all over the world. Turfs are delicate but result from beautiful solutions to your dream garden. If you are not sure about your skills, ask for professional assistance. You can easily find skilled turf dealers.