Epson is a Japanese company famous for manufacturing printers around the globe. These printers are very reliable and provide excellent printing services. Indeed these devices are very robust but still many people face communication error while using Epson printer devices. This communication error on Epson printers can appear due to many reasons.

Possible reasons for getting the Epson printer communication error:

  1. Corrupted printer driver
  2. You are using a faulty cable
  3. Epson printer has lots of pending print jobs
  4. The printer is dealing with some runtime error
  5. You are trying to print an invalid document

Common solutions for troubleshooting Epson printer communication error:

Run printer troubleshooter

Whenever your Epson printer shows any error while printing; run the printer troubleshooter. If the Epson printer gets into error due to any runtime error then running the printer troubleshooter will fix your error. You can run the Windows troubleshooter on your Windows 10 PC by following the steps given below:

  1. Go to the Windows 10 Start menu and click on Settings
  2. Choose Devices and click on Printers and Scanners
  3. Tap the Printer tab and choose Manage

Select Run Troubleshooter and the printer troubleshooter will start running. It will scan for all the files and issues which gets the printer into error. Wait for completing the printer troubleshooting process and then click on Result. If the error gets fixed then try to take the printout with your Epson printer.

Fix your printer driver

You can get the Communication Error Epson when the printer driver gets corrupted or outdated. Your printer driver gets corrupt due to malware infection or any runtime error. You need to repair the corrupted files of your driver. But repairing those files manually is not simple as a small mistake can get you into other issues. You can install and use the driver repair tool. You can easily find the driver repair tools on the internet. Search for a compatible driver repair tool and install it on your Windows 10. Run the tool and follow the on-screen commands; it will repair all the corrupted drivers on your device. Instead of using the driver repair tool; you can uninstall the corrupted driver and reinstall a fresh setup. You can find the driver for your printer model on the Epson website. Check for the new update to your printer driver. If available, install it on the device and then check whether your Epson printer communication error gets fixed or not.

Check the USB cable

In wired printing, the error can appear when you are using a faulty cable. Pull out the cable and check for any cuts on it. Now reconnect the cable to the printer and PC and make sure it is not loose. The communication error can also appear when the user has connected the printer with a low-speed cable. You require a high-speed cable with a better transfer rate. Get a high-speed cable for your printer and then check for the printer error.

Check the document

Sometimes your printer can show you the error when you give it a print command for an invalid document. You can’t print every kind of document from the Epson printer. When the error appears, check the document and its extension; make sure you are trying to download a valid document. If not, change the file into a valid one and then try to take the printout.

Check the network connectivity

When you are taking the network printout with Epson; check the access point. Make sure your connection is stable and secure. Now check the PC device whether it is connected to the same network or not. Disable the Wi-Fi button of the Epson printer and enable it after a minute. Wait until the printer gets connected to the access point. Now again give the print command from your computer and check the printer. Try scanning the device with antivirus to ensure that no malware is interrupting your printer and PC connection.