We know that today more and more small and medium-sized businesses are participating in B2B platforms. But do you know why you chose the B2B platform? What does the platform bring you? How to choose the right one? What are the issues in choosing a B2B platform? This is the point I want to talk about today.

1. Why do SMBs choose B2B platforms? What are the advantages?

E-commerce not only presents many new opportunities and challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises, but also solves many difficulties and problems for them. The increasing importance of competition in information allows small and medium-sized enterprises to compete with large enterprises through B2B platforms. The special effects and benefits are mainly as follows:

First, they can participate in international competitions through the B2B platform. This gives them more opportunities to sell their products worldwide ie. to globalize their market.

Secondly, the B2B platform enables them to respond in a timely manner to changes in the international market. Small and medium enterprises can get a lot of information about international markets, while the platform simplifies traditional trading processes and methods. It solves the problem of large geographical distances and shortens the marketing chain to accelerate the development of small and medium enterprises. In this way, companies can find suitable methods to adapt positively and correctly to international changes.

Third, through the B2B platform, small and medium-sized enterprises can achieve high profits with lower costs in foreign trade activities. This platform greatly increases efficiency. Companies can perform all operational processes such as negotiating with customers, placing orders, establishing contacts, ordering charters, taxes, etc. online. This shortens the transaction times and makes the transactions much more convenient. In addition, it lowers their costs. With lower communication and network management costs, small and medium-sized businesses can take advantage of memory sharing and information processing, which can save them a lot of money.

2. How do SMEs choose the right B2B platform?

Since B2B platforms are beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses, it is urgent to choose a suitable platform. In my opinion, small and medium-sized enterprises should solve the problem in the following ways.

First, the B2B platform must be in Chinese and English. Meanwhile, English language sites need to provide accurate and reliable information rather than just pile them on top of each other. In addition, B2B sites should have a good development model that allows small and medium-sized businesses to avoid unnecessary problems, save more money and make big profits.

Second, national and international B2B platforms must be mature. But how do you rate his condition? I think the most important point is search engine technology because customers always pay attention to product research when buying from B2B websites. Advanced search engine technology makes product search much more convenient, faster and more accurate, giving you a great sense of satisfaction. As we know, almost everyone who wants to buy products online wants to be able to shop hassle-free. So, would they like to find a product with a slow search speed? Of course not, otherwise impatient customers will leave the website. Apart from that, the content of the website should be another aspect that you should think more about. This is to check whether the description of the product is correct or not, whether the presentation of the company is reliable and whether the product has good pictures, etc.

Third, B2B platforms should be vigorously promoted both at home and abroad. Besides Canton Fair, B2B websites will participate in several other international trade fairs such as China International Consumer Goods Fair, China Hi-Tech Fair, China-Asean Expo, etc., which will not only increase their visibility abroad, but also build a solid foundation for foreign visits and information collected from international buyers.

Fourth, the B2B platform must have a reasonable pricing model. Take the example of Alibaba, it is very well known, but the cost is also much higher than other B2B websites. As a small and medium-sized business, the main premise is to increase revenues and cut costs. So you have to consider the cost performance of the entire B2B website. ECVV is currently introducing a new remuneration model. It is paid according to the registered requests, but not according to the hour of service like the annual subscription. First of all, you pay money upfront, so you can see some of the information in the request, but not all of the content. And it is up to you to decide whether to read all the information in the application next. If you choose to view the full content of the request, 30 RMB will be deducted from your prepaid amounts. You can view the request until you have spent all the prepaid money. With this new pricing model, you only pay for the real questions you think you can ask and avoid being bothered with fake questions.

Fifth, once you’ve chosen a B2B platform, make sure you stick to it. The thing to keep in mind is that you can only earn a lot if you stick to it seriously by following the principles of the B2B platform. And your ads on B2B websites also let buyers know that you are growing fast in this area. Especially nowadays with the financial crisis and the inner-city economic zone, you need to advertise cheaply online to limit orders and avoid removal.