You would know just how great the hunger for high fashion is in this area of the globe if you’ve ever walked around one of the world’s major malls. In Dubai, several of the industry’s greatest brands – from Balenciaga and Chanel to Gucci, Prada and Versace – have established shops to meet this demand for luxury apparel and accessories. 

If we look at the figures, why major personalities want to involve themselves is easy to comprehend. Consumer expenditure – including apparel, textiles and jewellery – in the UAE in Q4 2017 increased by 37% over the same time the previous year. 

Such unbelievable development provides a chance for home-grown firms to capitalize not just on this ravenous demand, but also for major fashion brand companies. 

Right Time to Start Your Fashion Brand in the UAE 

It may seem useless to enter a market occupied by the large brands above – after all, in terms of brand identification, marketing expenditures and anything else, no small businesses in the region can compete with Gucci or Prada. However, the fact that these companies occupy the UAE area demonstrates how enormous the need for good clothing and clothing is. And this offers the smaller companies a great chance, which large giants can’t provide — homegrown, boutiques. 

Potential Gap 

The need for world-class famous brands is satisfied, but the desire for UAE fashion companies is not that small. The small or Muslim fashion business is now flourishing – Muslims are estimated to spend USD 368 billion on clothes and apparel by 2021 – and major names are only interested. This, combined with the enormous expat community wanting to buy a place, offers a chance in the UAE – the shopping capital of the area that many claim to be – which is unlike any other in the world of mode. 


You may create a UAE fashion brand on the mainland or in one of the various free areas of the country, depending on the nature of your business. If you want to create a retail store, the best option is probably a continent in one of the UAE’s malls. The process of business setup Dubai offers many advantages.

In addition, when you create an e-commerce fashion brand, you may start your enterprise in a free area and enjoy from several advantages including 0% corporate and personal tax, 100% company ownership, 100% capital and profit repatriation and 100% importation and export tax 

exemptions. You may even set up without having to start in a free zone like Fujairah Creative City. 

Easy Startup 

No more licences are necessary to launch a fashion brand in the UAE, whether in the mainland or in free areas. The procedure of applying for a licence is really simple. The process is easy on the mainland, and you may register generally in about 90 minutes – it is the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). 

You may immediately apply for trademark Registration UAE, if you choose a free zone. In a matter of days, licences will generally be issued. In both situations, a corporate training specialist may assist with you to ensure that your application is easy and fast. 


The fashion sector in the UAE offers the businessman with the ability to take advantage of this genuinely unique opportunity.