Do you want to increase the rent of your rental property? If yes, are you also thinking renovating the bathroom will do the work? Of course, it will. However, you will need some budget-friendly ideas to execute this plan successfully. Let’s explore the idea in detail.

Is Renovating Bathroom Worth It?

Most landlords think investing in an advanced home security solution such as a Vivint security system is enough to make their rental space more attractive. It sure is but you can increase the rent by small renovations too; starting from your bathroom.

To help you decide if renovating the bath is worth it, ask yourself this question. Do you see yourself living there? If your answer is no, then you definitely need renovation. A bathroom is just as important as other rooms in a home. Therefore, it would be great if you have a functional as well as an attractive bath to offer to the tenants.

By staying within the budget, not only can you make your bathroom look fresh, but get in a position to ask more rental fees. And trust me, the potential tenant will be more than happy to pay a higher price just because the bathroom is great. Even if you can’t renovate the whole thing, updating worn-out fixtures, and adding some storage options can boost the value.

Tips for Renovating a Bathroom of Your Rental Property

Have look at some budget-friendly renovation ideas to improve your bathroom’s look significantly:

1: Update the Fixtures

Updating sink faucets, drawer pulls and towel racks require a small investment. But it sure leaves a significant impact on the way your bathroom looks. You can also look for quality replicas of modern bathroom fixtures to give the bath a trendy look.

2: Install Environmental Friendly Lightings

Since most renters you will be attracting are likely to be millennials, go for environmentally friendly renovations. This generation is highly concerned with energy efficiency. Look for light bulbs with energy star labels to ensure maximum energy conservation.

Similarly, if you are repainting the bathroom walls, choose paints with low VOCs because they produce less environmental pollution.  

3: Install Accessible Outlets

Don’t forget about the outlets. Nothing is more frustrating than having to plug the hairdryer in the room because the bathroom doesn’t have outlets. You can’t even see yourself in the mirror!

Also, some people use an electric toothbrush which requires charging. Make your renter’s life easy by installing an outlet in the medicine cabinet or on the side of the vanity.

4: Pay Attention to the Grout

Wrong grout is the most unattractive element of a bathroom. Nevertheless, it’s highly important because it seals the dirt and water. Also, it compensates for the size differences between tiles. Having a nicely decorated bathroom is great but if the grout isn’t right, all your hard work will go to waste.

When choosing the grout, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want the grout to stand out?
  • Would you prefer the grout to blend into the tiles?
  • Is the grout required in a high splash zone?
  • Do you dislike dirty grout? (If so, then avoid white grout)

5: Pay Attention to Storage

Don’t forget to look for storage opportunities. Even small and simples ones work. You don’t need to invest in deep shelf storage, a shallow shelf will be enough. Another idea is to put a recess in the shower and integrate towel bars with it to create a feeling that it’s built-in.

6: Get a New Showerhead

Offer a great shower experience to your renters by upgrading the showerhead. Get an affordable featured-packed shower head – the one that delivers a gentle stream to rain showers. This upgrade will be the highlight of your remodeling project. Do make sure the shower arm is adjustable.

7: Make a Statement Style with a Trendy Mirror

Bathroom mirrors have the power of creating an illusion of extra space. They also add a touch of brightness to the bathroom. Depending on the space available in your bathroom, get a big mirror. If you have the budget, get an LED mirror for beauty rituals and easy shaving.

8: Refinish the Bathtub

It’s not necessary to totally replace the bathtub. In fact, this should be your last option if your goal is to save money. A more affordable approach is to reline or refinish the bathtub. If the surface is cracked or yellowish, have it refinished. This will improve the entire look of the bathroom without costing you an arm and a leg.


A basic and low-grade renovation could cost you between $1,500 and $5000. By planning everything out, you can keep the renovation within the budget. Just like investing in Vivint smart home products, having the bathroom remodeled is certainly going to allow you to increase your rent.

Just keep one thing in mind that the bathroom renovation project should not cost more than 5 to 10% of the value of the property.