Outsourced Accounting Experts at Outbooks says that: An examination by HMRC is infrequently a welcome possibility for entrepreneurs and sole dealers. It very well may be an upsetting cycle that occupies a ton of time – and it might prompt a higher tax bill. Everybody trusts they will not be the subject of an HMRC examination, however, it’s imperative to be arranged for good measure.

In case that you believe that big MNCs or affluent people are probably going to be the subject of an HMRC investigation, think twice. In all actuality, any individual who presents a yearly tax form can be picked aimlessly for a consistent check by tax controllers to see whether they’re paying deserved tax and national insurance dependent on their unveiled pay or not.

What’s the fuss all about?

The business area has gone through an immense change in the past few years, where and when individuals work has changed no matter how you look at it in the UK. The quantity of people enlisted as self-employed has additionally expanded altogether in the UK as the economy keeps on enhancing. 

Accordingly, HMRC has received a more engaged way to deal with tax compliance and are doing more examinations to guarantee that tax income owed is paid on time with the right amount. 

Note that tax examinations are not just provoked by doubtful bookkeeping, missing records, late entries or for some other explanation, and can be set off aimlessly. You must not have done anything incorrectly to be the subject of a tax examination and tax assessors have authority, including the option to see financial records of the past six months. 

Hiring an outsourced bookkeeping services agency seems to be the right decision here as their experts know how to deal with tax investigations conducted by HMRC. 

Why does HMRC investigate? 

There are a few reasons why you may stand out for HMRC and at last be examined. These include: 

  1. your profits show you haven’t been making a benefit for a very long time 
  2. your profits routinely incorporate missteps 
  3. you report that the organization chiefs are acquiring not as much as employees
  4. They presume you’re excluding all your pay 
  5. you don’t have a bookkeeper; it’s been recommended that HMRC is less inclined to research the individuals who have a bookkeeper set up their profits, that is why outsourced bookkeepers are always recommended for SMEs. 
  6. there are huge variances in your revealed figures, for instance, more operational expense 
  7. your figures appear to be significantly unique to the typical situation for a business in your industry 

Types of HMRC investigation 

The way of conducting an investigation by HMRC is different, and the kind of examination you might be liable to will rely upon its doubts or concerns. There are two primary sorts of HMRC enquiry: 

Full enquiry: These may occur when HMRC accepts there’s a high danger of blunders on your profits. In case you’re dependent upon a full enquiry, the tax authority will glance through the entirety of your business records and, possibly, the individual records of any organization chiefs. 

Aspect enquiry: An aspect enquiry happens when HMRC is worried about few components of your funds. This kind of enquiry is significantly more typical on account of certified errors, rather than obstinate tax avoidance.

What occurs during a HMRC visit? 

HMRC needs to adhere to severe methodology when visiting. You should request a duplicate of the standards ahead of time. In this scenario,  your outsourced bookkeeper will help you. 

The tax auditor may request to visit you at your business premises, home, or your bookkeeper’s office. Or then again, they may request that you visit them. They can’t lawfully compel you to join in, yet doing so energetically is for the most part seen as an indication of participation and may affect the result of the examination. You’re qualified to have a consultant.


Remember that it is your legal right that HMRC should mention to you what it needs to examine ahead of a visit. You’re likewise qualified to request the plan recorded as a hard copy before the arrangement, and the HMRC authorities should adhere to this plan. 
It’s significant that you answer the inquiries as far as you could possibly know, and that you give total and exact data. Listen to your outsourced accountant, they have experience in client’s business investigation and let them handle it.