If you find you are lacking sufficient office storage space it can be costly trying to find storage solutions Calgary businesses can afford. However, a growing trend in the storage industry is storage container modification. Storage containers Calgary have become a highly desirable asset for many different purposes beyond their traditional role in the shipping industry. Today they are being used for everything from building materials to office space. Here’s how to use a storage container modification for your office storage.

Insulated Containers

Office storage requires insulation to keep your supplies safe and dry. This is a very simple process that is highly recommended for your storage container modification. It contributes to internal temperature control which reduces condensation that could damage just about anything from paper to soft items such as upholstered office chairs. Condensation is always an issue as it can lead to serious damage to goods including mould growth. With an insulated container, moisture is kept at bay. Spray foam is used to add dependable insulation, so your storage container maintains a consistent temperature and reduces the risk for moisture damage.

Temperature Control

Your storage container modification should also include temperature control to assist in temperature regulation. It will make it more comfortable when taking inventory or when removing or adding items to your storage container.


This is a must for office storage, as it makes it easier and safer to find what you need. While you can keep your storage container organized with shelving and enclosed storage just like you would in a large walk-in store unit within your office, you want to be safe when using the unit. This is a standard storage container modification that allows you to use the unit as you would your in-office storage space.

Windows and Doors

Storage units can be modified with doors and windows. Windows offer natural light making them easier to work in when organizing the space, while doors offer easy access. In fact, if you include all of the modifications mentioned here, you can actually consider adding a workstation to your unit where office managers or staff members can conduct general office duties to maintain, organize and keep track of your office storage inventory.

It allows you to have someone manning the space to receive deliveries, help staff looking for items, and even provide a temporary workstation if needed. Although you might be concerned having doors and windows presents a security risk, this type of structural modification is made using strong durable materials to ensure the container remains highly secure.

Shelving and Organization Units

You can also modify your shipping container to suit your needs. You choose the kind of shelving or organization units you need, and they can be installed in your unit. This allows you to keep your inventory organized so you don’t waste time finding a spot, or looking for the items you need. Every item can be clearly marked so anything added or removed is easily tracked.

As you can see a storage container Calgary businesses use can be customized to suit your needs.