Before your cold call email lands in the wrong address or bounces, you must verify the email address. To prevent your energy and hard work from getting wasted, you need to be double-sure of the email address you send to the right person so that there is a chance of a response. According to statistics by the Constant Contact, 7.75% of the emails bounce.

Today, cold emails require personal touch to get a response from the lead. So, you probably want to get it right at first. It is better to send the 500 emails to a verified address rather than sending 1000 emails to the unverified one. Because chances are those 1000 emails may get bounced. Hence, getting the right email address will ensure deliverability. A decent bounce rate is less than 2%; anything higher than that is considered problematic. To prevent bouncing, an email verification is a must.

The question is, how do you find an email address which is correct? Simply there are different ways of making sure you have the correct email address of your potential client before you send in one. An email verification will filter the spamming and invalid emails thus allowing you to proceed securely.

You can do this by heading to the free email verifier tool on the google search that works great. Alternatively, you can use the email finder app, which will automatically locate the email address, company info, and check it.


You can manually check the email address by searching on google “email checker” or “email verifier” tools and you will get a plethora of tools that would freely check the email addresses before you send out. You can try which is free of cost and does not require pre-installation. The tool can check whether or not the email address is correct in milliseconds. This is how you work smart and save time. Another way is to look up on business directory websites and verify email addresses.

How does it work?

Enter the email address on their search bar you want to verify.
The verified email address would say “OK” while the valid email address will say “Bad”.

Make use of an email finder that includes a verification feature:

There are several tools for email finders that come with email address verification. This doesn’t take up too much of time as you don’t have to hunt for a different tool to verify email addresses. You can check Zoominfo and Wiza tools to find and verify email addresses in a fraction of time compared to other tedious methods. You can also find business from phone numbers. Simply put the phone number on google search bar including the area code and you will get search results along with the email address included in it.

Examine the email’s syntax:

Syntax errors and typography are the most common errors with email addresses made by many people. Manually verifying and checking the email address is possible. The standard format of an email address mostly consists of or

It consists of three main parts: the first name of the person,last name of the person, company’s name and Also check typographical errors such as or that may bounce back your emails. Make use of Global database Website when identifying and verifying company’s info.

To ping the server, type:

Pinging the server is a technological way of verifying an email address without sending an email. You may use tools namely Telnet or PuTTy to check. Mac users may use iTerm to verify email addresses. It is an effective way to get great results but can be time-consuming and may affect your system negatively.

Send an email from a dummy account:

You can confirm the email address by sending an email to the concerned person with a dummy account as using a primary email can be risky. This way you will get to know the emails that have bounced back and you can remove them manually. This is also an effective way but can be time-consuming as it doubles your work.

DNS lookup:

A DNS lookup is a method of determining the validity of an email address. It also informs you whether the domain is included on any blacklists or whether it has any spammy data attached to it. While this method can aid in the consistency of the email address, it cannot guarantee 100% deliverability.

Look up an IP address:

Another way to determine the domain’s validity is to look at its IP address. This is accomplished by obtaining the recipient’s email address’s IP address. Many IP address tools are available, such as whatismyipaddress, that can be useful in determining the IP address of the recipient’s email address.

We hope now that you will verify email addresses before sending out cold emails to prevent time waste and bouncing of your emails. Our solutions might help you to reach the right lead and generate sales.