Marriage anniversary is a special occasion, and it needs to be celebrated. I know we all are stuck in our homes due to this pandemic situation. The world is still running amid the pandemic. Work and study are going through our homes via an online system. Then why keep the celebrations on hold? If you can celebrate it at home. Keep your travel plans on hold for a while and celebrate your marriage anniversary at home. 

Even if it is not a pandemic, and you want to celebrate your wedding anniversary without the chaos of the party and arrangements for guests, these ideas can be your favourites. 

Wondering how to do that? Don’t worry, here we have got you a list of ways to celebrate your marriage anniversary at home. 

Decorate your house-

If you want to get that exquisite restaurant at home, decorate your house with flowers, lights and small knick-knacks to make it look beautiful and different. Get your table lit with candles and pour champagne in the new wine glasses for that restaurant like feeling at the comfort of your home. You can order your favourite meals online, you can dress up and play some romantic music in the background to set the mood. 

Cook and Bake together—

If both of you love cooking and baking, this can be the best way for you to celebrate your anniversary. Cooking is therapeutic. You will feel a sense of calm and serenity while cooking with your partner on your anniversary. This way you will be able to spend some quality time together. You can decide the menu and cook accordingly. You can also choose to cook each other’s favourite dish. You can also bake your happy wedding anniversary cake. You can play some romantic music in the background and have wine while cooking to set the mood. 

Renew your vows

It is best to renew the vows you took at your wedding. It will reminisce the promises you made to each other. This will strengthen your bond and bring new prospects in your relationship. You can take new vows depending upon the status of your relationship. To make this renewal romantic, make your balcony your aisle and play some wedding music to set that mood and make it extra romantic. To get that feeling of a wedding day, dress up and decorate your balcony. This is the most romantic and heartwarming way to celebrate your anniversary.

A walk down the memory lane—

It always feels nostalgic going down the memory lane. Whether it is your 1st anniversary or 25th, there are always some memories that will make you feel happy and remind you of the journey you took together. You can watch your wedding video or go through your wedding album together to reminisce about the moments from where you both started together. This can be romantic and worth doing. 

Send gifts-

If you are not physically present with each other, you can celebrate your anniversary. You can send gifts, flowers, cakes to each other and make them feel special. There is online cake delivery in Bangalore available to ease the process of deliveries. You can do video calls and cut the anniversary cake at your own places and unpack the gifts sent by each other while still being in the call. 

Spend a relaxing day together—

You can choose to do nothing on your wedding anniversary. This day you can take a break from your daily routine and just relax the whole day in your bed or in the bathtub taking a bubble bath together. This way you can spend time together while having some serene moments.

Write letters to each other-

Being at home, you can write letters to each other to express your gratitude and love. Words have power to make or break. If it is used in the correct way, they can create wonders. So to reignite the spark in your relationship in a classic way, write letters to each other. It is not necessary to be a love letter, it can be anything that you want to say to your partner. Along with the letter you can get anniversary flowers to spice up the moment. 

That’s it for this article. I hope you find it useful. Try any of these ideas during lockdown or if you want to celebrate your anniversary in peace.