Thinking about this Covid-19 situation I always wonder that it could have been more difficult for us if we wouldn’t have had a bunch of lowers with us. There was a time when we used to think about pajamas we could only imagine it to be sleepwear which would give us ease at night and basically they were meant to be a part of men’s nightwear but apparently they not only have become women’s favorite but also something without which we cannot imagine what comfort is. So you must be thinking that why they are the most preferred, the reason is its comfort, designs, fabrics and colors, especially the ladies cotton pyjamas, are literally the best example to prove this point. They are generally one of women’s favorite as their cotton and therefore its lightweight, skin-friendly, and irritation-free during the summer season. 

Summers or winters we search for comfort especially women who are involved in a number of tasks twenty four-seven it is definitely not possible to remain dapper all the time all they do need something to wear which would kill two birds with one stone that is giving style with comfort and so what could be better than lowers for women. Earlier lowers were meant to be worn at home but going through time now they are available in lots of fits and patterns that make it possible to differentiate between what to choose as a night suit and what to wear in daytime and even what to wear when you go for yoga or exercise. For say loose fit printed ladies cotton pyjamas are more likely to look good at home if you want to go for a walk to your nearby market you will look good in plain lowers with a t shirt or a sweatshirt of your choice, this will give you a modern look yet no compromise with your comfort. Women going out for workout in gyms could go for lowers available in joggers shape also known as sports joggers pairing them with a sporty look t-shirt, they are soft and stretchable making it an appropriate sportswear. 

Lowers were earlier found to be as more of summer wear because they were commonly available in fabric more suitable for summers but now they are also available in woolen fabric which are warm and make you feel relax in winter too. It has never been difficult to choose a perfect one, You can find them easily varying from a very low to a very high price as there are number of brands that provide best qualities with reasonable prices while some reputed brands like Puma, Nike, Lotto etc. that are costlier but no doubt provide supreme quality with trendy colors, well it completely depends on how much you are willing to spend. Buying pyjama itself is not enough that’s why you could either go for pyjama set that comes with an upper wear while you can style it up choosing some t- shirt or tops and of course searching for a pyjama and an upper wear to style your pyjamas with is easier then you think, all you have to do is to hold your mobile phones open your favorite shopping sites and I would personally prefer that undoubtedly has a never ending variety of lowers for women starting from plain pyjamas in different colors and all over printed pyjamas or different ladies cotton pyjamas you can find them all in this one place. Well, I can’t resist sharing some tips that you must keep in your mind while buying them:-

  • Printed pyjamas can be paired with a contrasting plain t-shirt or ladies top,
  • Woollen pyjamas should be worn with woollen sweatshirts, 
  • Satin pyjamas are in trend and look good only with a satin ladies shirt.

 Believe it or not, lowers have a separate place in our wardrobe instead of wearing tight fit denim we will always go for them. A black, blue or a grey coloured Pyjama is a must as they look good in almost all colours of t-shirt apart from that they are the easiest to find so if you are not much interested in spending time in choosing one just go for any one of them. The ball is in your court now if you want comfort along with something that you can pair with different options then a Pyjama is a perfect choice for you so definitely buy one for yourself and your dear ones.