Impact of World Poverty on Education

The paper talks about the idea of world poverty, whereas revealing about the truth that world poverty, within both developed and undeveloped nations of the world, refers to deficiency of financial support that a government at collective level and a person at his her personal level fail to offer to others for better means of survival.  The paper also talks that issue of world poverty is specifically linked with the global nature of declining education, among the global community. 

The high cost of living in the developed countries has forced many families to live hand to mouth. The economic factors are also important for increasing poverty gaps in the developed countries. The strong competition in the developed countries has forced several families to strive for their lives.  In reality, as discussed within the paper, education is one of the major causes behind the issue of world poverty. 

Whereas, claiming about the fact that people who have their high education level excel more and gain high wages with the passage of time, not because of their productivity that they offer to their employers, but because of the fact that they are more likely to discover new ways of their earnings out of the business ideas of others, just because of the use of their educational skills and capabilities which educated people developed within their professional personalities.

The paper also discusses that the issue of education leading towards the modern outlook of world poverty can be resolved with the help of international organizations the issue of education can be resolved through, whereas promoting the level of education as a way to provide secure and effective means of survival for people, especially in regions where education is the only way to increase the financial outlook of a family structure. 

The paper also talks about the consequences that are linked with the issue of education-based poverty level among people of various developing nations of the world. In this regard, the paper claims that developed countries have seen a major shift in the poverty line due to several factors which include the overall shift of international economy. The world poverty has posed unlimited threats to the education. The global education is affected due to the poverty. The poverty-stricken countries also face challenges when their literacy rate drops due to education.

The paper also shows that education-based poverty also influence the family structure, whereas wealth of a family affects the learning process of the children. There are several challenges faced by the poor people to cope with the learning process. Therefore, the wealthy people have the privilege to learn from prestigious institutes. The poor people cannot afford the hefty fees of prestigious institutes, and they found it hard to cope with the modern learning. 

Low level of education also decreases the social gatherings of people and, for this reason, people fail to socialize their lives who are not educated and who live in a limited manner while among others. In other words, people with higher level of their education are more likely to socialize with other people of the society and, as a result, they gain approach towards new ideas and new talents over which they become able to gain their income sources, leading towards their better financial outlook among those who lack education as well as lower level of confidence to interact with people.

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