Ambulance Service

People always think that they are not going to be in any emergency. Well, if you think that way then you are wrong. After all, it is about your health and you cannot take a chance. If you do not get proper treatment in time, you may lose your loved one or your life. 

It is a must that you should always have a reliable Ambulance number in Gurgaon with you. In this way you can be confident that you do not lose your life. After all, these days, treatments are there, but people lose their lives because they do not reach hospitals in time.

Why is Ambulance Service Important?

Just think about this scenario: a fifty six -year-old man starts experiencing sudden heaviness and pain in the centre of chest. He extensively sweats and feels breathless. His wife calls their family doctor and requests him to come immediately to patient’s home. The doctor, upon ascertaining the condition of the patient, advises the woman to take her husband to health care centre or a hospital with an ICCU; in a cardiac ambulance. En route to the hospital, the condition  of the patient deteriorates and he suffers a cardiac arrest. The paramedics directly administer CPR, and the patient stabilises. On arrival at the health care centre or hospital, CPR is continued and the life of the patient is saved. 

Now, the mentioned hypothetical example shows you the importance of pre-hospital care. Though most of the hospitals are equipped and employ variety of trained medical staff; these resources are severely lacking in the nation’s ambulance services. The pint is you need to be thoughtful about this aspect. Many people die on the way to the hospital because they do not get the needed care that is crucial pre-hospital. Hence, once there is a number with you of the ambulance, you can be sure that you call them immediately and they reach there. Hence, your patient will go to the hospital with proper assistance and medical care.

Advanced Ambulances 

Advanced Life Support  ambulances are good and well equipped, with trained manpower along with the tools they require to save or stabilise patients. They include basic diagnostic instruments, emergency lifesaving medicines, I.V. oxygen cylinders, fluids, AMBU bags (to give artificial breaths manually), dressing material and even stretchers, pulse oximeters, cardiac monitors (to quickly monitor heart rhythm), defibrillators (to shock the heart if it stops beating), ventilators (to give artificial breaths), infusion pumps (to inject quick medicines in a controlled manner), and a suction machine (to quickly suck out secretions in mouth to clear air passage). They are, for all sort of intents and purposes, mobile hospitals, proficient of handling critical cases until they can get moved to more permanent facilities. After all, what is the point if you have money, resources, and everything but you get late to hospital and lose your patient?


To sum up,  you can go for the best options like ambulance service in Gurgaon  and ensure that you never need to suffer because of lack of medical assistance immediately. After all, it is about life and death.