During the lockdown, the use of technology makes everyone dependent. In the beginning, it was hard for all to understand the use of technology but later on, everybody got used to it. The demand for digital methods in education increased with time as there was no certainty that how long the covid-19 situation will remain the same.

Schools in Gurgaon were affected due to this as no one would have thought that such kind of a phase would come. No one was aware of the use of technology with time teachers and students both got used to it and understood all the functionalities. Technology like Zoom and other application like Google Duo also work for the students.

Adapting to the technology for the teachers, students and parents were not so easy. It was hard to maintain the same pace between the students and teachers.

Where teachers were not so familiar with internet technology, the only option left was online. Due to the extension in lockdown, smart boards took the place of blackboards, class become online rather than offline.
Powerpoint presentations become common everywhere and the schools had embraced the quality of giving online classes and sometimes asked students to submit an assignment. More use of email and the communication via WhatsApp Group had become active.

Blended Learning
“Blended learning” is one of the methods which developed in recent years. It develops confidence to a certain level that involves independence. It allows one to speed up the work to some extent and study in such a defined way. It works for them and combines face to face teaching sessions.

Students who are well- equipped with the internet facility usually have different variety of free resources available at their disposal to get independent learning. It allows the students to engage with the particular topics according to their interest. They also learn to explore and the possibility to create new ways.

There are different methods of blended learning that includes the flipped classroom that has students work with the teacher-led session followed by the task not dependent on the same subject. There would also be rotation methods that can change between the lessons that are already taught, online modules, work assignments and group discussions.
It helps to save valuable time by completing the tasks outside the classroom. When it comes to for a group discussion and merging of data it helps the individual to develop independence. This type of learning will still be in use after the post lockdown.

Sharing On Cloud
The cloud-based technology has been growing for several years but still, can be seen in the schools as it boosts during the lockdown time that is March 2020. The use of cloud technology helps the students and teachers to view a document at any time and any place. It is the best technology which is useful for projects as it allows the one to save time and make the performance better. Whatever files shared on the cloud are secure as one can only access them after having a password. Also, data can be retrieved anytime from anyplace if you have some technical glitch.

Video Calls
Another technology that became popular in the lockdown time was a video call. Students who want to attend or the teachers who want to send the invitation can access it through zoom or Google classroom. But for many people, it was a difficult task to do as they were not aware of their function, how it works, so in the beginning, they did not know how to accept calls or how to join the class. Many schools thought of splitting the group of students into smaller groups. With this, all would get an equal chance to attend class, as it becomes much easier and quicker for the students to discuss in their groups without disturbing the other groups.

More use of technology day by day is increasing where the skills of students also getting improved.