Important Factors to Consider when Buying a Quartz Countertop

Quartz is a unique type of stone that has already become very popular among folks. It’s worth mentioning that it is the 4th hardest stone and is often mentioned in the same breath as topaz and diamond. As a man-made product, it looks elegant and can suit any interior. It can be easily customized as well unlike marble and granite. This is why quartz can be seen a lot in the kitchen and bathroom countertops. Quartz is a popular option both for residential and commercial spaces alike.

If you are looking for a long-lasting option, go for quartz again. However, make sure you are dealing with experienced quartz suppliers Chicago in order to get the best value for your money. Simply contact us at Universal Granite & Marble and you can be sure we will never leave you disappointed. Being reliable quartz suppliers Chicagowe ensure a quartz countertop can stay with you for a very long time. Amazing, right? However, there are many important factors to take into account before buying quartz. We’ve listed some essential tips that experience homeowners and professionals use to improve your chances of getting this choice right.

How to choose quartz countertops?

Visual Appearance

The look is quite important. Quartz can come in many variations, thus you can feel proud of your choice. Note that you are the first person who will wake up and look at the countertop when drinking your coffee or making breakfast. So that is why you should choose such a look that suits your taste.

Quartz comes in a number of colors. Remember that every color brings a different mood. There are many options to choose from, so you have a number of designs at your disposal. Due to various designs and patterns, quartz can suit your home design easily. Our quartz suppliers Cleveland offer a number of colors and patterns to choose from. Just visualize with the rest of the space to see what works best. Looking only at the color might not be perfect. The same goes for just looking at the patterns. Make sure you have considered both.


Besides the aesthetics of the material, you should also pay attention to its functionality. Both thick and thin quartz countertops come with many advantages and disadvantages. Thickness can impact on function a lot. The thickness determines how much weight it can bear. However, not that quartz can also break though it’s very strong. Therefore, if you plan to use your kitchen a lot then go for a thicker option.

Thinner countertops are lighter and they look more modern than thick ones.  However, they would not have the needed strength but they will be much cheaper than thicker options.

We understand that everything is based on your budget as well as design ideas you have in your mind. But design includes function and longevity. Just rely on our quartz suppliers Clevelandand be sure you will avoid many issues in the future.

Finish and edge

Yes, details matter a lot! A small detail can give you a major win, or just cause a big disaster. Just one mismatch can result in bad effects and it will hurt your overall design. You can opt for a white quartz countertop and enjoy its awesome beauty. It looks classy with its curved and rounded edges. If you have a classic home, you can go for a polished countertop. However, if you have a more modern house, you can choose a satin finish as it creates a minimalist look.

A plethora of quartz types at UGM

At UGM, you can come across a number of quartz options. Here you can find a large number of quartz designs. You can opt for Vadara quartz which is famous for its awesome durability, superior practicality, and beauty. Vadara surfaces are ideal for use in almost any interior application. Ti is made of 93% natural quartz and one of the hardest minerals on earth. Vadara is made of such a substance that prevents stains. U|Quartz surfaces are also one of the best choices. UGM has a wonderful plethora of colors and finishes U|Quartz require no maintenance because these surfaces are nonporous and very scratch resistant. Santa Margherita Quartz is also a popular option among people. Whether you want it for in kitchens, bathrooms, or flooring, this product is produced in Italy using cutting-edge Breton technology. Hurry up to choose us as trustworthy quartz suppliers Detroit and enjoy both elegance and functionality.


Whatever quartz you choose, it will change the whole atmosphere. It will contribute greatly to the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom. A single color cantransform your room differently if it’s presented in different tones, shades, and finishes.

Selecting the perfect countertop can be overwhelmingly stressful but our quartz suppliers Detroit can help you. Simply consult with our professionals and we will help you make a better decision. Being skilled quartz suppliers Detroit, we have already worked on projects similar to yours several times over. We know our job inside out, thus we have an “eye” for the job. Therefore, we know what works and what doesn’t. Don’t hesitate to ask for help and we will do our best to cover your demands. Give us a call today and we’d love to help you find the most suitable, affordable, and high-quality quartz countertop for you.