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With the initial launch of the app in 2018, TikTok is fairly new in the sphere of video apps and therefore comparatively, is a lot more popular in just about three years. It overtook all other social media apps and there was a scramble of a TikTok clone app if one wanted to profit from this trend. It so happened that a short video app had not been that popular before TikTok entered the market with the concept and then everyone took to it. The major reason for this is the quick time span video that we can watch. It doesn’t take a lot of time and entertains you in a short time without hampering your daily routine. The app has been a favorite of the youth particularly because they are able to create and spend their time on the app and the short video feature does not need to hold their attention for more than 15 seconds. Although the youth has been using it, the older generation has been a bit skeptical about the app and the time that the young spend on it. Therefore, here is everything you need to know about this app click here.

About TikTok:

TikTok was launched as a result of two apps combining to become one namely Musical.ly and another app named Douyin this app formed TikTok. These were a kind of TikTok clone app. These apps had some features that were combined and put into the final app and the concept too was more or less the same the creation and sharing of short videos on the platform, quite the same features like liking and sharing these videos and the option to follow people. The short videos can use the clips provided or their own original clips on the app. The play stores of both Apple and Google have seen an upward trend in the people installing the app for the last three years and the reviews are remarkable.

Video content posted on the app:

The videos that are posted on TikTok have a varied range in the sense that it could be anything from hacks to pranks to dances to edits. These could be tutorials for make-up or other skills and could also sometimes incorporate gaming videos. The app is all about creating something different in a matter of a few seconds that could engage the audience. There might be some pet or baby videos your child might like to watch. TikTok basically caters to all demographics of the population once they start using it. A TikTok clone app will now become quite popular if launched because the ground has been laid for it. The basic tool for the app is editing as it can make or break the videos that you put up. A skilled editor would ace these videos and increase their impact further. Initially, TikTok was used only for engaging and enjoyable content that would get some laughs out of you. However, recently it has also been a great medium for speaking up against some socio-political issues. However, this has caused issues because of the app striking down content that is geared towards political criticism. Like other apps, TikTok has laid down some community guidelines that the videos should mandatorily follow to avoid getting into trouble. Any discriminatory content is not appreciated by the app and will get taken down.

Working of the app for the user:

The videos posted on TikTok usually do not require you to install and create an account to watch. However, in order to like the videos and share and comment on the content, it is important to identify oneself and therefore create an account on the app. This is also required when they would like to create their content in the form of videos and the app anyway does not charge in order to sign up with an account name. It is a common feature in all social media apps to have a minimum age requirement and it is the same for TikTok which requires you to be at least 13 years of age if you want to create an account. It provides you with the option to sync your TikTok account with another of your social media account too. If you want to create a TikTok clone app, you will have to incorporate these features.

Downsides of using the app:

With the various advantages offered by the app, there are some risks while using it too and it is necessary to know about these risks beforehand.

  • The app has been a thriving place for challenges that usually popularize the videos of the creator when they hop on to it. However, there are some potentially dangerous viral challenges that could lead to serious injuries to people if they try it. These are some of the reasons why the app has received a lot of criticism by the people as it has led to the propagation of dangerous cultures on the app.
  • There have been instances of illegal data records that the app seemed to have collected of children under the age of 13. This brought about a fine but now, TikTok doesn’t need any personal details from the new users signing up and it is a safer platform presently. It presents you with the option to give as minimum details as possible and it is upon your discretion if you want to provide the details or not. Ensure that if you want to create a TikTok clone app, this should be downplayed.
  • Another disadvantage is that you do not know the person on the other side of the app, something that is true of any other social media app too. It means that the people are unknown and not everyone can be trusted.

Account actions that need to be taken:

  •  Reporting videos on the app:

Any video that you would like to report for reasons like the propagation of misinformation or the showcase of inappropriate content on the app, can be done by clicking on the share button of the video and then proceed to flag it by clicking on the ‘report’ button. You will be required to provide your reason for the video being inappropriate.

  • Time management of the app:

This can be done by clicking on the ‘Account’ option and then proceeding to the option ‘Digital Wellbeing’. Then you can go to settings and privacy and tap on ‘Screen time management’ and switch it on. A password should be entered which will need to be entered when you want to turn it off.