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It took just a blink of an eye for the COVID-19 virus to spread and guidelines to be changed by the government, which highly impacted everyone’s regular lives. On the one hand, it resulted in havoc as the outdoor movement has completely refrained. While on the other hand, it generated a lot of opportunities for the technology sector. 

After all the brick-and-mortar stores and institutions temporarily shut down, the world shifted to the digital approach, carrying out all the activities remotely. Therefore, if you’re planning to build a dedicated mobile app for your business, connecting with the mobile app development company in Dubai should be your next move!

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 also led to issues and updates related to technology, especially in the UAE market. 

Are you intrigued to know more? This article will highlight the key issues so, keep reading! 

Technology Sector in the Times of COVID-19

1. The Rise in VoIP and Mobile Apps

After the guidelines were imposed by the government regarding the refrainment from moving outdoors; people began spending more time on their smartphones. According to research, there was about a 30% increase in average daily hours spent using a mobile phone. 

Home-schooling and office conferences have highly contributed to the same and are continuing to do so ever since. 

2. Data Protection 

To help keep the virus from spreading, organizations began applying precautionary measures, such as temperature checks. Talking about the normal circumstances, taking such steps would have raised questions about privacy and freedom. 

Therefore, data protection has become an issue in many countries around the world. 

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Notably, South Korea did an incredible job in containing the virus; the credit goes to the enhanced technology. The country managed to develop testing kits in no time, and Artificial Intelligence was highly used to quickly diagnose the patients.
In the UAE, the local police integrated AI solutions to delimit vehicles with permission or belong to people from vital sectors.
Therefore, these are some of the top-notch advantages of AI.

4. Cybersecurity 

After the coronavirus spike occurred, there were many similar emails targeted at people, consisting of information like infections from different strains. Though these emails looked like they have been forwarded by WHO, they were simply some phishing mails. 

It is advised that cybersecurity threats are increasing, and so organizations must take the necessary steps to identify and resolve issues. 

5. Increased Online Media Consumption 

It is not at all surprising that there has been a spike in online media consumption while people are locked at home. OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix had to take actions, like reduce traffic to ease the pressure on telecom network services. 

Additionally, Twitch- a live streaming platform owned by Amazon, also saw a rise by 17% in context to the number of hours watched. 

6. E-Gaming 

Unfortunately, numerous sporting events got cancelled due to COVID-19. For instance, in the UAE, the authority announced the suspension of all activities and tournaments. Therefore, many people turned to e-sports that hosts online matches. 

Undoubtedly, it interested people a lot, and there’s no possibility that e-gaming will go out of trend anytime soon. 


The pandemic brought along innovations that should be credited for efficient working in times of crisis. For instance, food delivery services. 

In the UAE, the ministry of health initiated to set up its first virtual hospital. These hospitals provide help to patients remotely by connecting them to a doctor. Furthermore, it leads to efficient diagnosis and a proper treatment process. 

The whole process works when the healthcare professionals get insights on the patient’s health by collecting data, and then the treatment is directed. 

To Sum Up 

While everything seems to be messed up right now, there’s always a silver lining at the end of a dark tunnel. A shift from everyday hustle to remote working might turn permanent, which will lead to cost savings and a positive impact on our environment. 

Now that you’re familiar with the fact that the online world has gained a lot of emphases, you might want to develop a mobile app for your business to work remotely. 

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