Delta Airlines reservations

The history of Delta Airlines begins in 1924. It started in a small town on Macon, as a small crop spraying operation and now has become one of the world’s largest airlines in the United States and is America’s largest Transatlantic airline. The evolution of DELTA since that year 1924, when it began its history as the first agricultural flight company in the United States with a fleet of 18 aircraft, to the present day, in which DELTA has become one of the virtual airlines With a fleet of 914 operational aircraft that carry more than 180 million passengers each year, DELTA has gone through numerous phases that have built the magnificent history of the second-largest airline in the United States behind American Airlines. If you are travelling with Delta Airlines Booking options, then read the blog to learn more about the airline and its policies. 

Delta Airlines International Flights

Delta Airlines’ International flight is known for its exclusive inflight service and fare affordability for millions of passengers. It is the first choice for many travellers due to the level of comfort and the plethora of deals and discounts offered by airlines. Along with luggage options, depending on the route of the flight, the fate of the ticket, payment method or SkyMiles you have available, Delta Airlines inflight food and beverage options differ and may be paid on domestic or international flights for less. Of 402 kilometres or 250 miles or include snacks and beverages on flights of more than 402 kilometres or 250 miles or have drinks and a three-course seasonal menu on international flights of more than 1,450 kilometres or 900 miles. And if you need a special meal, Delta Airlines offers around 17 different options for delicious meals that would be available in First Class, Delta One, and on all Economy Class flights that offer complimentary meal options.

Delta Airlines International Flight Entertainment Options

Delta’s philosophy is to offer the best service to their more than 180 million passengers that they transport each year, the best possible experience onboard each of its domestic, as well as international flights and therefore, makes these entertainments available on most of their flights:

  • The Delta Studio service to enjoy, through the screen in the headrest of the front seat, television programs, movies and series.
  • WiFi connection through the Gogo Entertainment application that you can find in the Android and IOs application store or through the Delta WiFi portal during the flight.
  • Besides, with the Gogo Entertainment application, you can play the content available on the seat screen directly to your computer or tablet.
  • Free in-flight messaging to stay connected with your family and friends while onboard. Free messaging will be available on Delta WiFi flights for use including iMessenger, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

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