Is Thermal Imaging Tech Right for Your Event

Now we are living in the world where COVID-19 is spreading and people should be more careful than past years. Even during many events, people should extra careful. Today, we are seeing innovative technologies emerge that ensure to help keep all event attendees safe. One of these innovative solutions is thermal imaging which is used to detect fevers, a common symptom of COVID-19. There are also a lot of companies that sell heat-screening systems to airports, businesses, governments and planners.Here are the ins and outs of thermal-imaging technology to help you decide if it’s a right choice for your event.


Infrared cameras are used to take heat images and detect body temperature. While exact specifications, including how many people can be scanned at once and how accurate the temperatures are, differ by technology providers, thermal imaging has emerged as the first line of defense to keep those infected with COVID-19 from spreading the virus.


The best part is that thermal imaging can take the temperature of dozens of people at once. Note that this mass screening also means a noninvasive, noncontact approach to temperature taking.

There are some companies that offer thermal cameras for sale. They can be installed at the entrances of event halls and also used for future. There are also companies that offer rental services and on-site professionals to monitor the technology.Using thermal-imaging technologyalso known as a temperature gun or infrared thermometer, can reduce reduces the risk of user error because thermal imaging scans the whole body or head, and not just a single point on the face like many other devices.


Quality, thermal imaging can only detect skin temperature. However, it cannot detect basal or internal temperature, which is the real indicator of fever. Surface body temperature can depend on many outside factors like warm weather, drinking alcohol, walking fast along the stairs and so on. That being said, it may not be an accurate indicator. So when designing an event, it is important to consider a range of issues concerning this technology, from privacy concerns to effectiveness and lack of FDA approval on some systems.

SomeChoices in the Market

Faith Technologies is a leader in electrical planning, design and engineering. It has created an automated Thermal Body Temperature Scanner that can be used at events. More than 16 people can be scanned instantly and it will detect those monitoring body temperatures if anyone has an elevated temperature.

CrowdRX is another company that offers both passive and active screening systems, so that efficient passive screening can be followed up with a more accurate active screen, if needed. This company has a specialized team that offers medical services, including temporary emergency rooms.

Athena is a start-up company that used imaging technology for gun safety at events in 2018. However, it has expanded into thermal imaging technology nowadays. The system Athena uses can scan individuals one by one on the hottest point of the face, near the eyes, and cleverly ignores things like hot coffee or a cell phone that may have an impact on skin that moment. The user can also set the max temperature to control for things like hot weather that could lead to false readings.

RichTech also offers an automated artificial intelligence temperature screening system which comes with a user-friendly interface and simple systems setup.It calls temperature screening the “first line of defense against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.”

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