Jharkhand (India), September 9, 2021 Private players are attempting to provide new opportunities for Jharkhandans, whether it’s Tatas OSF or the Initiative nos run by ECL, Adani Godda.

Hemant Soren, the Chief Minister of Jharkhand Hemant Soren, the Chief Minister of Jharkhand, highlighted the need of the state’s ability to look beyond the mines during a workshop held by Niti Aayog and the Jharkhand state government. According to him, Jharkhand needs assistance in areas such as tourism, agriculture, and other industrial facilities of a large size like power plants and steel plants for its overall development.

It has, in fact been said with a righteous stance, even Jharkhands economy is largely dependent on its mineral reserves. Many private players have taken on the task of managing projects to increase the economy of the state and increase employment by utilizing the wealth of these resources.

Adani Godda is developing a Power Plant that is likely to be inaugurated in the first quarter of year 2022. It will boost the number of jobs in the state and also boost its economy. It will not only generate immense job opportunities, but also solve the electricity related challenges.

The Adanis power plant located in Godda will produce 1660 MW electricity, but the state will get 400 MW.

In the event of such initiatives, firms like Adani in Godda which is one of the country’s most backward regions, could be able to become an industrial centre.

Alongside Adani, Godda has also been receiving tremendous help from Eastern Coalfields Limited. The company is setting up the facility for skill-training with the aim to create employment opportunities for the youth.

Additionally, in its bid to promote fishing as an alternative source of income, Tata has launched Open Source Fisheries (OSF) which is focused on teaching fishing communities to breed and rear fish. The integrated model for livelihoods which the company has introduced, has been adopted by more than 1000 farmers, not just in Jharkhand, but in Andhra Pradesh as well.

The transition to new economic opportunities can be difficult for a state that has been dependent of coal and various minerals for many years. The old power and steel projects remain a significant source of employment.