Can you remember the old days of playing platform runner games? I know you can because the memories of playing those games are unforgettable. To get those old tastes back, here, we have found an epic platformer sidescroller running and jumping game for Android. So, if you have got an Android phone and love classic platformer games, you better try it.

So, let’s know a few more detail about it before downloading and start playing.

Jonin Adventure

If you want to experience the best platform runner adventure game with smooth controls and immersive gaming action, you should better try it. The gameplay is about using your island survival experience to kill enemies, collect bounties, and more. All you need is to kill your enemies, jump or duck to evade the deadly obstacles and traps, collect coins and gold, unlock and use exciting new powerups, and play for as long as you like.

So, download Jonin Adventure, step your foot into the world of island survival and use your epic platform runner skills to challenge your survival expertise, dodge the obstacles, kill the enemies, collect rewards, and continue moving forward to the end of every level without stopping. Be the best in the game by eliminating all the enemies and levels and enjoy the adventure!

Key Features

  • Free to download epic island survival action
  • Experience the best of platform runner action
  • Smooth controls and immersive gameplay with cool graphics
  • Play in a unique, exciting, and adventurous island environment 
  • Kill the enemies, dodge the obstacles, collect rewards and continue moving forward
  • Run and jump streak to collect super adventure runner rewards and unlock new power-ups.
  • Consistent flying and immunity against enemies to magnetic qualities and super adventure runner multipliers
  • Play platform runner for as long as you like and set new score record

Google Play

Overall, Jonin Adventure is obviously a great side-scroller escape adventure game for Android. So, download Jonin Adventure on Google Play and start your adventure through the epic island, try to service against the deadly obstacles, traps, and hoards of enemies. Do your best, best of luck!