The horror genre has been one of the most-watched film genres since its inception in 1896.

Horror films are not only popular during the Halloween season, but they are popular all year round due to the romantic aspects. Scary movies accompany many dates. Being scared is a good excuse to get close to one another during the jumpy parts.

Horror Films Have Grown Into so Many Sub Genres Here’s a Few of the Most Popular:

  • Gore- Examples of “Gorey” films would be “SAW” or “Turistas.”
  • Fantasy- Examples of Fantasy would be “The Craft” or “Hansel or Gretel.”
  • Paranormal- Examples of Paranormal would be” The Exorcist” or “Paranormal Activities.”
  • Slasher- Examples of Slasher movies would include all the “Halloween” movies, as well as all the “Scream” movies.
  • Monster- Examples of Monster movies include “Godzilla” or “King Kong.”
  • Comedy- Examples of Comedy movies include “Scary Movie” and “Sean of the Dead.”
  • And Thriller…….Thrillers tend to be more successful than other types of horror films. 

Audiences are drawn to the suspenseful narratives, the mystery, and intrigue that leaves them wanting more to uncover what happens next.

What Makes Thrillers so Great?

A thriller is usually a fiction genre work with many elements of suspense, action, and drama. It generally refers to any story with intense excitement, adventure, or danger. 

Thrillers are known for their thrill, which creates an adrenaline rush. 

The best thriller movies often incorporate other genres like romance, mystery, or science fiction and use suspense and tension to maintain their appeal. With the imagination running wild with thoughts about what might happen next in these forms of entertainment, it’s no surprise why thrillers are so popular!

Thriller Seekers Will Enjoy at Least One of These Categories:

Best Thrillers on Netflix India:

1- The Dark Night is the sequel in the Dark Night Series. A mad man comes into Gotham and it’s no laughing matter. The Joker and Batman go at it in this dark thriller.

2- The Prestige is a riveting story about two highly dedicated magicians who developed a vicious rivalry to out show eachother. The rivalry turns to obsession to find out who the better magician is and they know no limit.

3- Uncut Gems is a movie with Adam Sandler where he is not himself. Here’s one film that will have your heart racing as Adam Sandler lives his life on the edge in this thriller about an ancient gem.

4- Joker s is a very dark movie staring the bad guy. This is a behind the scenes tell all about a popular villain from Batman, The Joker.

5- No Country For Old Men– This neo-western thriller stars Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin as a man who finds $2 million, which brings him in contact with a vicious psychopath killer.

Best Psychological Thriller Movies

1- Inglorious Bastards is about an unethical military force during World War II that specializes in hunting Natzi Generals and soliders. They call themselves the Inglorious Bastards and have a unique way of handling things. 

2- Inception is about a man desperate for another chance. He and his team have discovered a remarkable way of getting important information from important people by a type of mind hijack. 

In this mind-bending movie, they have one chance to break into the mind of one of the top CEO’s in the world. But, unfortunately, the room for error is needle-thin as they go deeper and deeper in this thriller.

3- The Dark Knight Rises is the finale in the dark night trilogy. Batman is faced against his toughest obstacle, Baine. He has to rise to the occasion in this epic thriller.

4- Se7en The rookie detective and the veteran detective hunt down a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his motive.

5- Shutter Island In 1954, a U.S. Marshal must track down the whereabouts of a killer who has escaped from an insane asylum to avoid any further violence committed on behalf of this maniacal criminal!

List of Hollywood Thrillers

1- Scarface “SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND” Scarface is about a Cuban immigrant that comes to Miami. Tony Montana comes to take what’s his no matter who or what gets in his way. 

2- Edge Of Tomorrow in this thriller we are at war with aliens when an unexplained event happens to a soldier. One day something happens and now everytime he gets killed he does not die, he wakes up, continuing this loop trying to figure out different scenarios to get out of it.

3- Batman Begins, is the first movie in the trilogy. This movie is kind of an origin of Bruce Wayne and one of his largest influences “ The League of Shadows.”

4- The Revenant A man, Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio), explores the uncharted wilderness in 1823 with his Native American son. Although along his journey, he sustains life-threatening injuries from a brutal bear attack from there, it goes down a spiral of events.

5- Blade Runner 2049 is about the year 2049, Officer K is put on the task of hunting rogue bioengineered humanoids AKA replicants. He uncovers a critical secret and must find another Blade Runner who has been unheard of since 2019.

Best Mystery Thrillers

1- The Bourne Identity Jason Bourne wakes up on a boat in the middle of nowhere with amnesia and a bullet in his back. This film takes place in Europe where special agent Jason Bourne tries to find out what happened and why everyone is trying to kill him.

2- Run -Kiera Allen stars in a film about an ordinary girl who learns that her mother is keeping something strange from her.

3- Nightcrawler is about a man, who recently lost his job when he has a family to support, in despair he looks for a new occupation. He starts out by taking photos of crimes which he then sells back to local tv stations before managing to get himself on camera as well – while still sticking with being an immoral person in charge. It’s all about how far you’re willing to go when it comes down to life or death decisions…

4- The Game  A forty eight year old investment banker has a pretty boring life, at least he did until he receives a voucher for the Consumer Recreation Services game from his younger brother. He reluctantly enrolls in it, and his entire life turns upside down as he learns some surprising things about himself that have been waiting to be revealed for a long time.

5- Zodiac The film follows the story of a serial killer in California who taunts police by sending cryptic clues to their newspaper and television station.

Thrillers are a popular genre of movies for many reasons. We’ve mentioned some, but there are doubtless others. 

The thriller’s primary goal is to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat. They want them to be glued to the screen, watching the craziness unravel until they can solve the mystery.