lastest indian jewellery

Our love affair with Indian jewellery is endless and spans a legacy of more than 5000 years. Even the pandemic could not hold us back when we came out in gold and diamond studded masks! The origins of jewellery can be traced back to the Indus valley civilisation. For the longest time India was the only supplier of gems, precious stones, diamonds and beads to the world. While our ancestors wore gold and diamond jewellery and polki or jadau styles for pride, power and prestige, I am sure that you agree modern Indians prefer a more contemporary jewellery style. Of course, this is excluding wedding jewellery essentials.

There is a fashion movement in the Indian jewellery industry leading to a reinvention, redesign and rendition of ancient Indian jewellery style and craft. Indian designer wear is inclusive of handcrafted jewellery sets that reflect nostalgia combined with modernism. Indian jewellery’s new face is conscious designs that are seasonless and seamless, sophisticated with a tinge of drama and wearability fluid. These are perfect for the multitasking millennial in you! 

The evolution of jewellery has gone from rugged and shapeless to clean and orderly. The latest jewellery trends refine both together. This adds beauty, finesse and a timeless charm to the jewellery. Don’t you think the best part of blending new and old jewellery styles is that it fits anywhere? Whether you use it for gifting or at a gala, you can never go wrong with modern jewellery designs

Read further to find out different types of modern jewellery designs and style tips to wear them!

Heirloom Headgear

No prices for guessing that this latest Indian jewellery is made specifically to adorn your head or hair. There are contemporary hair buns made of different metals that can be worn on your bun which is a guaranteed style statement. The jewellery style tip here is to think of placing it just as you would place a jasmine garland on your bun. There are a plethora of new Indian bridal accessories such as earrings that go right up to the side of your head and ornamental hair belts that are regal reincarnations of Meenakari work on necklaces.

These  will for sure make heads turn! (pun intended)

Gender-Fluid Faces

How dare I call this style of diamond jewellery modern when we know about the famed Nizam of the Mughal Era who wore a 7 layered pearl necklace? Well, only because after the Nizams most of the Indian jewellery style was reserved for women. Fast forward to 2021, and we have gender-fluid accessories coming up inspired by Indian jewellery motifs and designs. 

There are many types of jewellery in this segment. Be it gold sunglass chains, layered bead necklaces, diamond studs, leather collars, gemstone brooches or sunflower pendants – men and women are both wearing them fiercely. The diamond jewellery designs style tip here is to wear them confidently and with a bold attitude!

Warrior Wrists

There are innumerable options to get your hands on some contemporary wrist accessories. Indian jewellery designers are going all out to design cuffs that have been moulded in a free flowing manner or bangles with intricate filigree work or elaborate pachelis or threadwork neon-coloured bracelets. Indian jewellery styles for the wrist also include cuffs that embed diamonds and pearls on leaves and flower designs that flow across the length of your arm. 

They are a true sculptural statement! They will bring alive the modern-day warrior prince or princess in you!

Smoldering Shoulder Adornments

Do you like experimenting? Then this one is for the brave heart in you who does not care for any cold shoulders coming your way!

Shoulder accessories are inspired by epaulets which originally were worn by military personnel. New Indian designers have curated pieces from gold and steel that can be worn on your shoulders. Some jewellery trends for the shoulders are made up of rubies, emeralds, or sapphires molded into gold while most create pieces out of semi-precious stones which everyone can afford. These can also come in delicate beaded forms for the minimalist in you. They come with easy hooks or pins that can be attached to your clothing. These jewelry styles instantly add a lot of glamour! They can also shift from becoming body collars or back laces.

Form and functionality are often desirable outcomes of good design. And, the latest Indian jewellery style is not far behind. You will be surprised to know that there are even refillable fragrance and sanitizer pods that have been done in gold with intricate designs on them. These pods can be worn just as we wear bags on our bodies. 

Are you yearning for a place to wear all these modern jewellery designs? Here is hoping that the Universe manifests all these beautiful and aesthetic contemporary Indian jewellery pieces for you.