Winter Tyres Bolton

As the warm days of summer and autumn are coming to a close, and the weather is starting to get a bit chilly, you wonder: Is it time to put Winter tyres for my vehicle?

It is usually considered a best practice to install Winter Tyres Bolton before the temperature dips below 7 degrees Celsius, or just before the season’s first snowfall. To avoid the long lines at service stations, many motorists make it a practice to fit winter tyres in October itself. Making your seasonal tyre change as an annual routine is encouraged.

The next best interval for the install would be between early to mid-November. It’s common for places like Ontario to experience freezing cold temperatures and a potential November snowfall, and necessary preparations have to be made by motorists.

It is best to plan early and set up your winter tyre install appointment, lest you tough situation of getting caught without the right tyres in the snow. It’s better to avoid the big rush for winter tyre install that follows the first snowfall of the year.

It is commonly observed that no matter the amount of outreach and media messages out there urging winter tyre install, there is always a stubborn segment of the population who resist it. This is dangerous and foolhardy. Especially in snow-prone areas like Ontario, it could be argued that Winter tyres should be made mandatory.

The well-documented benefits of using winter tyres are worth repeating. Based on tests done by the Rubber Association and Transport, it was demonstrated that regular all-season tyres tended to veer off the test track at speeds between 40 – 50 km/h, whereas this didn’t occur for vehicles with winter tyres.

Automotive manufacturers of new vehicles recommend using winter tyres for safety and performance purposes for winters in the UK. The rubber material used in winter tyres is softer than all-season tyres and hence will be able to grip better on the road surfaces. Winter tyres that are still in good condition offer better stability while braking and often have shorter stopping distances. They also provide more control and stability during turns.

tyre experts recommend installing matching winter tyres in sets of four. This is because mixing and matching tyres could potentially be dangerous and result in loss of control. Even though most new vehicles come with a front-wheel-drive configuration, the general recommendation is still to replace/install all four identical tyres at the same time.

Normally, winter Tyres online  Bolton are estimated to last around 80000 – 120000 miles. But in the end, this depends on multiple factors like your driving style, driving conditions, tyre alignment, and whether the tyres are balanced and inflated properly.

These days, the dealerships have experts who are up to date with the latest tyre technology out there and about which tyre fits all your driving needs. Sometimes insurance companies offer discounts to customers who use winter tyres as they are perceived to be safer. The new car dealerships offer a wide selection of winter tyres at competitive prices and provide storage options. Make that service appointment early, avoid the big rush and keep your family safe.