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Mental illness can be hard to determine for a lot of parents. If you think that your child is exhibiting symptoms of a mental condition, then it’s best that you recognize the warning signs early on. Doing so will help you find treatment that’s right for your child. 

Mental Illness: What is it? 

Mental health impacts overall wellness. Your mental health affects how you think and the way you behave. It also regulates your feelings. Mental illness, then, is a pattern or set of behavior that is counter to the normal or established ways of thinking, feeling, or behaving. That difference can lead to distress and compromise a person’s ability to live, thrive, and be a productive member of society.

Mental Illness in Kids 

When it comes to mental illness in kids, these often manifest in learning delays or disruptions. Meaning, kids have a slower time developing thinking or behavior appropriate for their age. Whether it’s social skills or the ability to regulate their emotions, kids with mental illness find these hard to do. If your child has a mental disability in any way, finding the right school is a must. You’ll need to factor this in when you search for school admissions in Dubai. Does the school have teachers qualified to handle kids with special needs? That’s a consideration you’ll need to look for. 

Barriers to Treatment 

One of the most difficult barriers to treating mental health disorders in kids is the fact that they aren’t often easy to determine or diagnose, not if the parents aren’t aware of the signs. Some kids also go through normal childhood development only for the symptoms to come out much later. In most cases, the symptoms manifest differently, depending on the child’s age, and the kids themselves often don’t know how to express what they feel or what’s wrong. That’s also why early detection is important. The sooner you know, the sooner you can consult with doctors. You can also look for a primary school in Dubai that has a curriculum and trained staff to teach and look after kids with special needs. 

Common Disorders in Kids 

When it comes to mental health disorders, there are common developmental disorders. These include anxiety disorders, attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, eating disorders, depression and other mood disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, and schizophrenia. 

Warning Signs of Mental Illness

If you see any of the following warning signs, then you’ll want to talk to a mental health disorder. Bring your child in for a consultation. 

  • Lingering sadness. If your child is often sad, the kind of sadness that often lasts for two or even more weeks. 
  • Withdrawal. Your child avoids social interactions. 
  • Self-harm. Hurting oneself is a sign of mental illness
  • Death or suicide. It’s normal for kids to ask about these but if your child shows an obsession with both, it might be time to get help. 
  • Outbursts. This is different from ordinary tantrums. If your child’s outbursts are aggressively or wildly angry, that’s a possible indication of a mental illness. Watch out for signs of extreme irritability as well. That’s because it means your child might not be able to regulate or control his or her emotions, which is common in those with mental health disorders. 
  • Changes in eating habits, with the child developing too much appetite or a poor appetite. 
  • Out of control behavior. Loss or lack of control is a common sign of mental instability. 
  • Weight loss. Drastic loss of weight is alarming and should be looked into. 
  • Avoiding school or missing classes
  • Change in academic grades and performance