If you desire to get to the pot of gold, then use Search Engine Optimization on the landing page to boost web page ranking. Landing pages are meant to assure conversation and grab more targeted viewers into customers. 

No matter how appealing, agreeable high-quality copyright content you put up on your website –it will all go in vain if you don’t use landing page SEO. Do you know what the first thing a visitor notices when they open your website? It is the landing page, its design, color, template, and theme. 

Let your landing page web design do all the talking! This blog will share some proven landing page SEO optimization that will turn a visitor into customers. 

Google wants quality and organic content: Google Algorithm:

The major goal of Google’s search engine algorithm is to recover data from its search query and instantly provide users with a seamless experience by providing them the most relevant and accurate results. It uses various combinations of algorithms to rank WebPages on its SERP.

For example, if a person is searching for the best restaurant near him and if Google provides him with a result of the best gym near him, what will be his reaction? Wouldn’t the result frustrate him?

Therefore, user-friendly landing page SEO will help users to get the best experience.

Ways to create landing page SEO:

An efficient landing page SEO focuses on viewers’ queries and keywords on the webpage and ranks it first on the search engine based on the overall search tariff. 

A good conversation rate through a landing page with targeted customers will increase the tariff of your webpage. Hiring an SEO company in Kolkata will help you technically in controlling your site and helping you to get the number one ranking in SERP. Here are the ways to create a successful landing page SEO. 

1. Customer testimonials and reviews:

The best way to earn a customer’s trust is by recommending it to other customers. Use customer testimonials on the front and center of the homepage or about the company information.

When different people or big-name brands give positive statements or videos about your company it automatically uplifts and impresses the viewers to a certain degree. Here’s an example. Look how ClickFunnels uses videos. So that visitors can hear from influential people. 

2. Rewards and offers:

No customer can say no to offers, rewards, and discounts. Myntra attracts customers with discounts and off-code. Find out how to bellow!       

Discounts attract more customers, which increases your sales. More customers, more profit!

3. Keywords on landing page SEO:

Well structured keywords help search engines to recognize your content. Use short and long-tail keywords. Proper keyword placement will always help google to provide the proper ranking. You may can hire any content writing company to do this job.

Here are the ways to reach the top of the SERPs:

  • Title Tag
  •  Meta description
  • Image file name.

 4. Simple landing page:

A complex landing page will only frustrate the user rather than go for a simple one. Provide them with limited minimal choice, high-quality unpolished images, and videos. It should be concise, brief, and focused.  


SEO is changing with time, and there is no single format to reach the social ranking quickly. Getting a good response landing page SEO is a blend of time and smart work. Some websites may use the same formula, which backfired you but hype their market.

So, it’s important to study and implement the best technique. But remember to converse with your targeted viewers through your landing page. The above methods are the basis guild for beginners to use landing page SEO like a pro.