If you want to find esports betting tips, you are in the right place. Most electronic fans enjoy gambling as a career. Esports betting, however, is not like other traditional sports, and this, therefore, makes it easier to find tips and win bets. There are many tipsters out there who claim to offer sports betting tips to make you win. But getting those that can provide you with actual bets is usually hard to find.

 When looking for tipsters for your chances, ensure they know what the game is about. Good tipsters also do not need to misrepresent the odds, and however, they always should be clear about the bets they are representing. This article consists of the latest 2021 esports betting tips.

Start Small

Most bettors who are starting to bet usually put a lot of money on betting, which is a huge mistake because you might lose the money. Risking the whole bankroll is usually a bad idea. The thumbs rule goes typically that the more bets you place, the more experience you gain. Also, if you place more bets, you will have huge chances of winning other than risking a lot of money. You can pick a whole of your bank and then place a series of smaller bets other than attempting everything in one chance.

Play It Safe

This tip might seem silly, but as you know, the big numbers are also always tempting. Always ensure that you are taking it easy and ensure that you are not taking foolish wagers that tend to be hard to win. Leave that to the professionals or wait until you have made a bankroll and wagering with much. Then, as you get used to betting, you will know the risks before you bet.

Research Properly

Anyone who makes profits on esports betting typically does proper research like watching or playing games. Also, some competitions on sports betting are usually easy to digest and understand and better if you compare them to others. For instance, leagues of legends generally have more mechanical and technical depth. You will also need metagame tactics for you to succeed in betting. If you are still not familiar with your favorite esports match, ensure that you take time to study and play it well. A great way to understand conventional sports like premier leagues is by following your favorite player, which will enable you to be familiar with the sport.

Separate Your Money

The essential part of sports betting is managing your money. First, ensure that you are sticking to one site. Then, when you start to get more knowledge on sports, you can then bet on multiple locations. Using many places is not essential, though. However, if you are doing so, you can use a spreadsheet that will help you to create separate accounts. It does not mean you should have a different version, but you can separate it from a direct debit one for betting. This will help you track your expenditure, wins, losses and withdrawals. You are always recommended that you do not use your credit card to gamble, and this is a total red flag, and it signals you to give betting a break.

Keep the Sheets

When placing several bets, especially those of percentage staking, ensure that you track your chances. This is because monitoring them makes it hard, and that is why you will need to keep the sheets. Sheets will help you track your bankroll, odds and bets, your daily earnings and losses, and the site you used to place the best. Doing this will also help you see the strategies that you used to like the best you matched.

Matched Betting

This strategy helps you to take advantage of promotions given by oddsmakers. This concept helps to cover the potential outcomes of the bet. Also, if you are an advanced esports bettor, you can as well develop your strategy


Esports betting tips above are well researched and will help you to bet correctly. They will also help you to bet with confidence even if you know less about sports betting. However, betting styles commonly differ and so ensure you research all your bets before placing them. Take things slow and more accessible, and maybe you might win big bets.