Law Enforcement Jobs At Different Levels Of Government And Jurisdiction

Even after selecting a law enforcement career, the choice does not end as you will still have to determine what field of law enforcement you should pursue. There are so many choices, therefore, you should know about different fields of best paying law enforcement jobs in Virginia to make the right decision.

While selecting a specialization in the law enforcement career, there will be many available fields within the industry. You can look at the following types of law enforcement career paths and make a suitable decision.

Working for Different Government Levels

Before selecting a career, you need to determine for what level of government you want to work. There are plenty of opportunities available at each government level, whether local, state, or federal. You can find numerous opportunities in both uniformed and criminal investigative agencies according to your choice.

Law Enforcement Jobs at a Local Level

Generally, all law enforcement careers begin with petrol at a local level. It is because, in the beginning, everyone must start as a police officer at the local level before going to the various fields like a criminal investigation, explosive ordnance disposal, SWAT, or any other specialty unit.

After spending some time as a police officer at a local level, you will move towards the more specialized fields. A benefit of starting your career with a local agency is that you will not have to worry about starting your career, transfer into different fields, or moving through ranks.

Law Enforcement Jobs at a State Level

There are uniformed patrol units known as state troopers at the state level as well. State troopers are usually responsible for traffic law enforcement throughout the state. They can also perform different duties according to the requirement depending upon the state.

Moreover, in some cases, the state-level agencies hire investigators. Such investigators do not have any prior experience in a law enforcement career. It means that you can bypass the initial requirement of a law enforcement career to start as a patrol officer.

There are many benefits of pursuing a law enforcement career at a state level over a local level. The most significant advantage you get is when you must move up through the ranks. As the size of the state level is larger than the local level, there can be many other opportunities for advancement. You must consider the possibility that while working with a state agency, you might transfer or get promotions. It is something that you will not get at a local level.

Law Enforcement Job as a Federal Agent

At the state level, the federal government also has numerous opportunities. An individual can begin with the investigation role without starting from a patrol or uniform officer. However, most federal investigation agencies require a college degree and relevant work experience in many cases.

Working for a federal government will also require you to relocates just like the state agencies require. You can also expect to move around the country as field officers operate throughout the country and U.S. territories.

Law Enforcement careers and Job Specialization

Other than the government level and jurisdiction, you will need to know what you want to do in law enforcement. Different agencies have different goals and missions as some agencies deal with traffic enforcement while others focus on the environment and its conservation.

A law enforcement career offers something for everyone as you can get plenty of financial incentives and a chance to make a difference in others’ lives.

Therefore, if you have studied in a particular field, you should pursue it as a career as it will provide you with a chance to earn good money and help you get inner satisfaction by helping others.