Trade License dubai

The company’s statutory documents must contain the company’s activities related to the trading area. It is also important to note that you can carry out most activities in Dubai under a general commercial license.

To get a commercial license for your own business in Dubai, you must first select a commercial name, create a memorandum and legislation, and then submit it to DED for pre-approval. Commercial license applications can then be presented.

The United Arab Emirates is the center of business in the Middle East, has made significant contributions to the global economy. The most important part of registering a company in Dubai is getting a trade license. The trade licensing process is not only a formality but also a requirement. Many factors come into play, from knowing the different types of permits to choose the suitable license for your business. For anyone looking to do business in Dubai, it is essential to consider these variables.

Importance of Trade License in Dubai

A commercial license in Dubai defines the nature of your business and legitimizes your company. There is a certain fee to register, and although it can be a bit expensive, getting a license has its advantages. A trade license in Dubai gives your business the proper identity as it is a license that legally validates the deal. Commercial rights are granted to companies to account for their activities in the area. Obtaining commercial consent in Dubai allows your company to operate legally and according to the rules set by regulators. Getting a commercial license in Dubai also offers several advantages. With no income tax, you own 100% of the company, either in the free zone or mainland Dubai, if you wish to start an internship in Dubai.

Different Types of Trade Licenses in Dubai

These are Professional Services License, Industrial License, and Commercial License.

For the sake of clarity, a professional services license is suitable for those providing services such as marketing or consulting. Commercial rights are for trading or import/export companies, while industrial support is best for the manufacturing industry.

To determine which license is suitable for you, the first thing you need to do is describe your business activity. Register it in your license application. Your business activity must match those on previously published lists. There are more than 2,000 options, from food production to business consulting.

  • Commercial license for all types of commercial activities
  • Professional support for professions, services, artisans, and craftsmen
  • Industrial permit for the establishment of industrial or manufacturing activities

Steps to Obtain Trade License Dubai

Before applying for a trade license, you must first describe your business or activity. Depending on the right you choose, it is often possible to define several in your application.

To make sure you list all the activities you want to do, it’s a good idea to partner with a new company at this stage. These experts understand what activities are allowed and can suggest the best exercises for your business.

It is no easy task, no matter which part of the world you choose to do business with. Here at Emirates, however, there are a few additional considerations to keep in mind. The UAE has several naming conventions that are strict but easy to follow. Again, your company’s configuration experts can help you make sure you stick with them.

With decisions on behalf of your company and activity selected, you can now apply for your trading license. Don’t apply directly to the Ministry of Economic Development (DED) or to the emirate’s municipality where you locate or to the administrative authority of the free zone of your choice.

Documents Important to Obtain Trade License In Dubai

Submit these documents to DED Commercial Licensing and Commercial Registration Department when applying for a commercial license in Dubai:

  • Fill the standard application form and signed by a legal representative of the company;normative company documents, both original and copy
  • A letter from DED approving the name of the company;
  • A letter from DED confirming authorization to set up the company;lease agreement
  • All data about shareholders (copy according to passport).

Trade License Fees in Dubai

The specific fees you will need to pay to get a UAE commercial license will depend on the size of your business and the location where you plan to set up.

However, the license fee for trading in the UAE is comparable whether you are residing in the free zone or the continental UAE. For example, you are setting up a single shareholder in Fujairah Creative City costs around AED 13,500. It increases to around AED 16,500 for many shareholders and to around AED 19,000 to include the entitlement to up to two visas for a trade license in the UAE. It is what you can expect when settling on the continent of the UAE.

There are no additional fees for trading a license to sell in the UAE unless you wish to settle in the continental region or apply for an extra visa to obtain a permit to change in the UAE.


Issue a General Trade License in Dubai to companies engaged in import and export. A company can trade items such as electronics, food, textiles, furniture, or devices in Dubai.

It means that establish an import and export company and DED issues a general marketing license. Specific requirements must be met in this direction and obtain from certain state and local authorities.

Ejari certified lease agreement and Memorandum of Association are among the documents required to obtain a business license in Dubai. DED checks license applications and publishes papers needed for your company in Dubai. We have a dedicated team of business formation specialists helping entrepreneurs get the proper business license in Dubai.