If you are a die-hard fan of Beyonce and never misses feasting your eyes on her live performance, you are most likely to get stunned by her super shiny legs on the stage. Has it already happened to you? If yes, you are not alone! Her rocking performance in a ravish attire always steals all the limelight, and indeed our hearts, too.

Seeing her flaunting sleek and smooth-toned legs on the stage often makes us dream of replicating that sheen. So, what do you think is the biggest secret to shine like a pop star in public? Of course, the SHAPING TIGHTS! Beyonce once revealed that she wore four pairs of tights during a performance to create an illusion of perfect, glitzy legs. 

Now that you know, are you ready to know how to shine in shaping tights like a pop star? Let’s talk about this!


We know that black outshines all other colours and is often your wardrobe staple when it comes to tights and stockings. However, as you wish to create an extraordinary statement like a pop star, you should swap black for eye-popping colours in tights. Navy, cocoa, red tights and even funky hues like neon can transform your ensemble and help you make a splash in the crowd. 



One of the biggest reasons why pop stars always manage to create a buzz is their bold abstract. They never stick to their comfort zone and go the extra mile to make their fans feel wowed. Now, if they can, you can, too! Go for Avant-garde sheer net tights, fishnet tights, detailed nylon tights, and all other smoking hot styles that revamp your fashion game to OTT when paired with a dress.



Nothing shines better than a sassy sequin outfit! Taking the cue from Beyonce’s latest stage looks during her live performances, you can pair tights with a short sequin dress to throw sass around like confetti. This way, you can strike a unique impression at night galas like cocktails, club parties, and date night.



Whether you have plumped for sheer or opaque tights, you can always add more allures to your look by marrying your ensemble with high heel boots. This is what most pop stars like Beyonce do. 

High heel boots, be it suede or leather, results in professional appeal, helping you bring out your inner boss lady with confidence. Besides, they also elongate your legs and make you look taller than before. Thus, we can say that this trick works as a wonder for petite fashionistas.


In The End

Tights are super feminine. They are a top-secret behind pop stars’ flawless and dazzling looks that often take the top place on the fashion chart. As it is all clear to you, it’s time for you to shine in the crowd. So, wait no more and invest in luxury shaping tights to make it happen. 


Slay like a pop star on the stage!