VMware vRealize automation certification

Code stream is a tool for the continuous integration and continuous delivery of software. By creating code stream pipelines, you streamline the tasks of the entire DevOps cycle. After the basic initial setup, the VMware vRealize automation helps integrate the new project into your existing framework and automate the rest of the tasks. These pipelines take the projects through a defined process of development, design, testing, and deployment. 

With the VMware vRealize automation certification, a professional can learn how to create VMware code stream pipelines. It will help in uninterrupted integration and speedy delivery of the software. You can define phases or stages, considering the milestones you want to keep in each project delivery. 

Stages in a VMware code stream pipeline


Before you take the VMware vRealize automation certification, you should understand the stages or phases of the code stream pipelines and how they benefit the entire software delivery process. 


In the development stage, you can build tasks and plan the continuous integration built to deliver the code in the vRealize automation code stream. 


In the testing stage, you can include different tools to test the software development code. You can do so by introducing the Jenkins task. 


It is the last phase of the software delivery process. Once the developer puts the code in the development steam, the testing team will check it and approve it if it is perfect and flawless. Then it comes to the production stage, and the final software deployment gets carried out. 

These are the three key stages in which you can divide the pipelines. At each phase, you can get approval from other team members. The concerned person will get the email notification that he needs to review the code stream pipeline. Once he approves that particular phase, the entire task can move to the next step. 

Benefits of creating VMware code stream pipelines

There are multiple ways in which the administrators having the VMware vRealize automation certification can support the developers. 

Providing the Environment

The code stream pipelines that the professionals create for the developers ensure that they can work without interruption. Moreover, it lets them track the project status and send email notifications to the concerned people for approvals or reviews. 

Creating the Pipelines

Another benefit is to create pipelines to streamline every phase of the software development process. This way, even the people joining late in the project can understand the project phases and start working hassle-free. 

Trigger Pipelines

Triggering the pipelines mean ensuring that the pipelines run and move ahead after the occurrence of every event. A trigger occurs when:

  • An artifact gets built, or a new phase gets introduced into the process.
  • The developer makes any changes to the code. A Git trigger gets used for this.
  • The tester reviews the code and sends the feedback to the developer. Then, the developer mends the code and sends it back for review.

It triggers the pipeline after every activity carried out in the entire software development and delivery process. 

Managing Approvals

Another advantage that the code stream pipelines offer is that it lets everyone working on the project view the status. There will be dashboard access to all the active and inactive approvals, which a professional can use to understand the entire process. 


Many issues and problems can occur during the entire process in any of the phases. When everything works in a defined stream, it is easier to identify the issues and resolve them. Moreover, this way, it maintains the continuous integration and continuous delivery environment.

All these advantages that the code stream pipeline offers help streamline the entire software delivery process. Moreover, it supports the development and testing team by giving on-site and remote endpoints for smoother functioning and better connectivity. 

Who can plan to take the certification?

Administrators who have to fulfill the project management tasks should opt for the VMware vRealize automation certification. They will be able to manage the projects better, and the delivery will be flawless and speedy. It will also help the individuals grab better job opportunities on a lucrative salary package as organizations are always keen on hiring skilled professionals.

To conclude, it is fair to say that this certification is advantageous for both individuals and organizations. If you are a project manager, enroll in this certification course and unfold a world of opportunities.