Cosmetic or make-up tattoos are nothing short of a sensation these days, especially among the young generation. But people with physical limitations or serious conditions can also get these kinds of tattoos to get done to avoid regular make-up sessions. The process of inking is not easy, and when you are looking to get inked at sensitive places like lips, eyes, or eyelashes, you must consider that it will not be too easy.

You have to keep your patience to succeed in this mission. The tattoos are considered permanent makeup, but they stay intact for years. If taken care of well and crafted by a genuine artist with quality material, it can stay up to 20 years or more. But obviously, it will start to fade.

What Constitutes the Costof Make-Up Tattoos?

You have to research well before making the final appointment in your choice of tattoo studio to get the tattoo done. But before that, you should know the factors that make cosmetic tattoos quite expensive.

The Studio

You will wish to get the tattoo done from a quality tattoo studio like Gold Coast tattoo studio.You will go for such a name because you are getting the assured guarantee of any problem. They take complete responsibility and ensure you of quality service with all the necessary equipment and element. The ambiance and look of the studio will also matter as the presentation works as a marketing tool in this kind of business.


The leading studios don’t compromise with the quality of service. One person who can assure the quality is the artist working in the studio to provide quality eyebrow or lip liner tattoos.

The procedure of cosmetic tattoos includes micropigmentation, and the artist has to be quite experienced andpatient enough to work on such sensitiveness. Besides the tattoo’s success, the client’s safety also remains at the hand of the artist. You must go for the artist and not for the ambiance of a studio.


Any tattoo studio crafting all kinds of tattoo styles requires various kinds of resources. Especially for cosmetic eyebrow tattoo in the Gold Coast, the equipment includes sterilized needle of different size and quality ink and many other small products which the studios provide in a package. As micropigmentation is a hard job to do, it takes a longer time as well. The studio you have selected must be well-versed with style.

Safety and Security

As people get the tattoos done over their faces, you will never wish to have a scar or other issues over your face instead of the so-called ‘permanent makeup.’ So, make sure all the elements that collectively provide the look that will stay for a longer period are completely safe. This will include a good amount but, you should consider it as an investment that will last.