The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the lifestyle of the whole world for more than one year now. Many important events from several fields are at a halt to maintain safety among the people. From local markets to cinema, everything is closed because of the highly critical emergency situation. The impact of covid-19 on sports in India has been severe.

The coronavirus started spreading in March 2020; the condition turned out to be pretty stable by January 2021. But the second wave that ensued post February 2021 has caused more damage to human life than the first wave. The tense situation has created a buzz in the cricket news world as well. Many cricket series was planned this year after a break of eight months in 2020. It was a good start for cricketers this year, but the increasing Covid cases forced BCCI to take necessary steps and cancel the ongoing and upcoming series.

Even though cricket series was played in the initial months of 2021 i.e., January-February, things got affected because they were played behind closed doors. Cricket without fans removes all the emotions from the game. Here is the list of cricket series, which were cancelled due to coronavirus second wave-

1. Indian Premier league-

The impact of Covid-19 on cricket could be seen when the news released about IPL 2021 getting cancelled. IPL 2020 got postponed for 2-3 months and after that it was played in Dubai. The 2021 season was planned to be played in India starting from 19th April 2021. It started with full excitement; the initial matches were breath-taking and enjoyed by the fans. But unfortunately, IPL 2021 couldn’t continue after a few cricketers from different IPL teams tested positive for Covid. All the players stayed in a bubble with all the safety measures, but still, the virus caught some players, which then started spreading among different teams.

2. Pakistan Super League-

It is a T-20 cricket league like IPL, which is played in Pakistan. In the past few years, PSL has earned a lot of attention in world cricket. The PSL 2021 was the sixth season of the league and was planned to start in Feb 2021. After completion of few matches, the latest cricket news rolled out about seven players or officials having turned positive. The league got postponed due to spreading of coronavirus among the players. The health of cricketers is the responsibility of the Pakistan Cricket Board, and hence they had to take this decision.

3. Australia-New Zealand ODI Series-

The Australia-New Zealand series was taking place at the same time when India was playing the ODI series with South Africa. The teams started the tournament and played two ODI matches in front of the empty stands in Sydney. The New Zealand government introduced border restrictions at the same time. The visitors had to leave the series midway to prevent themselves from being quarantined. The two teams played five T20 matches in February.

4. Australia Tour of South Africa-

The test series between Australia and South Africa was scheduled to be held in March 2021. The series was planned for three test matches. This series was a part of the World Test Championship that started in 2018. It was initially scheduled for February, which was then postponed in March. But then, the series got cancelled due to the pandemic situation.

Along with cricket, coronavirus has affected almost all the other sports. It is hard to say when people will be able to experience normal life and enjoy exciting matches. The impact of Covid-19 on upcoming cricket series is also likely to be seen in the upcoming days.