Local SEO is crucial for a law firm as it helps the local prospective clients to know about you. This article is about techniques Lawyer SEO services include.

Lawyer SEO services and local SEO techniques

There are various digital marketing agencies available in the market. They offer SEO services and PPC for lawyers

A law firm should use local SEO services for their firm to gain more local traffic.

What are local SEO services for lawyers?

Local SEO is a kind of search engine optimization. It means optimizing a site for geo-specific search. It implies that if someone is searching our services in your locality or using local search terms like “Dallas personal injury lawyer,” you can try to appear in search results of search queries.

Lawyer SEO services must include local SEO. It is because most of the lawyers serve clients in a particular local area. If you are helping people at the national level, you will mostly prefer to get leads only from your city, state, or country.

Here are some Local SEO techniques which the agencies add in Lawyer SEO services.

Local SEO techniques for law firm

  • Optimizing your website

The first step of lawyer SEO services is the optimization of your website. To gain more traffic, your website should be functional, fast, and SEO-friendly.

People who visit the lawyers’ website are mostly those who need a lawyer. Suppose you optimize your website in a way that allows you to appear on the top of other search results. There is a high chance of getting a new client. 

So you should use on-page SEO techniques for solving issues on the website. You should do the following things optimizing your website:

  • We are improving the loading speed of your website.
  • I am fixing broken links.
  • You are using proper keywords in your page title and your content.
  • I am using a user-friendly layout for the site.
  • Making a Google My Business account

Creating a Google my business account helps in optimizing your business profile. It is the most effective way to increase your rank on Google Maps and get visibility on Google search results.

To optimize your business profile, you have to link your profile with a Google my business account.

You should add the required details to the account. Include your logo, open hours, mode of accepting payment, 

  • Creating content-based on the case study of the local lawsuit you win

It is evident that if you mention the case studies of the local cases you handle. It will have more impact on the users searching for a lawyer who can manage their case. It will make it easy to grab the attention of such users.

You can write a blog and explain the law. Alongside present the facts of your case. It will showcase your expertise in the field. You can set up different pages for different types of cases. 

For example, If you are a personal injury lawyer, you can make pages for Nursing Home abuse, construction accidents, or any other types of cases you handle.

  • Getting a review from the clients

You can ask your clients to rate your service on your website. Getting regular ratings from your client helps you to optimize your Google My Business profile. At the same time, it also encourages the other users to visit your office to discuss their cases.

  • Use local keywords

Keywords are the essence of Lawyer SEO services. Thus, your keywords must be relevant for local clients. Google’s keyword planner helps you to sort your keywords. It has the feature of filtering keywords based on location.

So you can get a gist of the most common search terms in your area.

Once you have the list of your keywords, you can create content as per those keywords.


Lawyer SEO services are crucial for a law firm as it helps the prospective clients to know about you. Local SEO is a kind of SEO that optimizes a site for geo-specific search. Creating a Google My Business account helps in optimizing your business profile.