Flat Tyre

A flat tyre is dreadful, and it is the typical source of annoyance experienced by most vehicle drivers at some point in time.

Common Causes behind Flat Tyre

Bad Conditions of Road

Any driver does not want unwanted debris, uneven roads, or potholes. These are pretty annoying and create havoc on the wheels, undercarriages and axle of the vehicle. Putting everything in short, your tyres’ chances of getting flat get more if the road condition is worse.

How can you avoid this? As always, for preventing bad road conditions from damaging your car tyres Colindale you need to take some preventive measure like safe driving. Even if you are bound to drive on the road in harsh conditions, you need to drive at a slow speed leaving extra space between the vehicle behind you. This way, you can get more time of reaction to look for debris, road bumps or potholes so that you can manoeuvre safely on the road.

Sharp Objects

Puncture due to sharp object is one of the most common causes behind flat tyres. The sharp objects include sharp debris, nails, industrial staples or a screw.

How can you avoid this? You can avoid tyre blowouts and punctures by not driving on the road with lots of sharp debris. If you are moving through a parking area, you must look out for debris, garbage or other items like sharp nails or broken glass on the road. You need to drive cautiously on the poorly maintained roads and in construction regions.

Leakage in the Valve stem

If you find no traces of puncture in your tyre, your car’s valve system must be checked for any leakage. The tyres in your car can go flat if you have a damaged and leaky valve stem.

How can you avoid this? You can ask the mechanic to check the valve system’s status whenever you visit a nearby garage for regular car maintenance. If the valve system has become dirty and old, you need to get it replaced.

Wearing and Tearing

There is not always a single or particular reason behind your tyres going flat. Sometimes, the usual wearing and tearing of tyres can be enough to make them flat. Gradually, the tread of your tyre would wear down due to everyday driving. This leaves your tyre more prone to punctures and other daily hazards.

How can you avoid this? Wearing and tearing of your tyres with time is quite normal. However, to reduce this, you can take various measures like avoiding sudden start or stop, aligning the wheels correctly, maintaining adequate pressure in the tyre and getting tyre rotation done regularly. This will increase the durability of tyres and prevent any puncture in the tyre.


Sometimes, regular wearing and tearing, a pothole or a sharp object is not the culprit behind a flat tyre. Instead, heat is the main culprit may times. Many times, you can see goodyear tyres Colindale going flat in the summer days. The heat in the summer causes this. With the temperature rise, the air in the tyre expands and hence, the internal pressure increases in the tyre. This increases the chances of tyre blowout or leak.

How can you avoid this? The tyre pressure must be checked before you hit the road. You can get the exact reading compared to what you get by checking after driving in the sun. Thus, you must avoid driving with over-inflated tyres and maintain adequate tyre pressure in the summer.

Improper inflation

Maintaining adequate pressure in the tyres is crucial for ensuring a safer ride. Internal damage to your tyres may occur due to improper inflation of the tyres. This internal damage can result in a severe issues on the road.

How can you avoid this? Ideally, you must get your tyre pressure checked at least once a month. A tyre pressure gauge can be used to check tyre pressure or hire an experienced mechanic to get it done.