Suppose you are going to your office in your car and suddenly you hear a sound of a blowout and find out one of your tyres is burst.

Sometimes, you can manage but the conditions are very irritating and troublesome when you need to reach the destination urgently.

Due to a fault in your tyres, you may miss a chance to get a job or a business deal.

So, can you deserve poor maintenance of your tyres?

Leave this for a while and think about the more dangerous situation when you suddenly lose control over the vehicle and hit another car to cause an accident.

According to studies, road accidents take place mainly due to the poor performance of vehicles. The reason for poor performance is improper maintenance.

Many car drivers overlook the maintenance of car tyres.

A road accident is a complex phenomenon. When an accident happens, factors may be responsible such as poor design or quality of your Tyres Twickenham, improper car maintenance, manufacturing defects, careless driving etc.

Car drivers can minimize accidents by eliminating the factors like poor car or tyre maintenance.

The graph of road accidents come down if car drivers keep their vehicle in good condition.

Generally, the following reasons are responsible for serious tyre blowouts:

Poor maintenance:

Tyres are to withstand extreme conditions like unpredictable road surfaces and violent weather. Therefore, even high-quality tyres wear out at a certain rate.

The rate of wear and tear would be faster due to poor maintenance. Therefore, following a strict servicing schedule is necessary for car tyres.


Overweight is also a reason for tyre bursts. Tyres are to carry a certain amount of weight but, if you challenge them to carry excessive weight, they will explode.

Change of air pressure:

During the summer months, when the temperature is extremely hot, the air inside the tyres may expand. This expansion of air is enough to keep the sidewall under pressure for a long time. As a result, any part of the sidewall may blow with a popping sound.

Overinflated or under-inflated tyres:

If you do not care about the proper level of air pressure and keep your tyres over inflated for a long time, you put too much pressure on the tyres like an overinflated balloon. Therefore, overinflated tyres are common to burst suddenly on roads.

If your tyres are under-inflated, increased friction will increase the risk of wear and tear. As a result, the formation of weak areas may lead to a blowout.

External damage:

Due to careless driving, your tyres are supposed to hit potholes or sharp objects regularly. Due to these hits, air may escape through the punctured area violently.

As you see, you can avoid road accidents, blowouts, punctures and blowouts if you maintain your Bridgestone Tyres Twickenham properly. Tyre maintenance is essential for your safety and the safety of other road users as well. If drivers start to follow safety guidelines and maintain their vehicles or tyres effectively, the chances of road accidents will certainly reduce.

To keep your tyres properly maintained, you have to check their inflation level consistently, and you have to inspect them regularly as well. Rotate your tyres at regular intervals to reduce the rate of irregular wear and tear. Check tyre alignment and balancing properly after without any delay to confirm the proper performance of tyres. Use seasonal tyres in changing seasons since the weather is also a reason for damage to your tyres. We are sure these guidelines are enough for you to keep your tyres fit and fine for a longer period.