Wooden Toys

Parents often complain about the amount of money they spend on toys for their children because the toys are nothing more than cheap plastic that falls apart quickly. Worse than just a lack of quality, many toys pose risks to the safety and health of children. Fortunately, both problems can be solved with handmade wooden toys.

Handmade wooden toys are a unique gift for any child. Because they are made by hand, no two toys are completely identical. Also, the toys do not look like the toys currently available in retail stores. For example, a wooden train is nothing like mass-produced plastic trains. Wooden toys stand out from other toys a child may have.

Simulation and use of imagination stimulate intellectual development and are essential accessories for wooden toys. The toy does not automatically perform all the actions and sounds for the child, so children must pretend while playing with the toys. Because the limitations of a wooden toy are set by a child’s imagination, rather than the manufacturer’s instructions, children often play for hours with handmade wooden toys.

In addition to being unique and thought-provoking, wooden toys come in a variety that includes something for everyone. Little girls fall in love with handmade doll cribs, while little boys get excited at seeing logging trucks and tool kits. There are pull and push toys for young children, and letter block toys for the little ones. Wooden trains, helicopters, trucks, and cars are great fun for any kid who likes moving toys.

Wooden toys for children are of higher quality than toys that are mass produced. Because each piece is manufactured individually, the craftsman can control the design and construction process, as well as check for possible flaws in the toy. Wooden toys are much harder to tear and are less likely to simply fall apart. Wooden toys are priced similar to other toys and can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Because the handmade wooden toys are made with quality parts in the USA, there is no need to worry about safety hazards. The parts are not that small, and small parts, such as wheels, are more difficult to remove, making a wooden toy less likely to present a choking hazard. Corners and edges are rounded and the wood is thoroughly smoothed and sanded, eliminating the risk of injury from sharp edges.

The health hazards that exist in mass-produced toys are also not a hazard from handmade wooden toys. For example, there is no danger of toys being recalled due to lead-based paint. All paint used on wooden toys is completely lead-free and safe for children, and the finish is certified non-toxic by the government. For those who don’t want to even risk having paint on their toys, the option of having an organic natural finish is also available.