Long-term customers are more likely to be drawn to beautiful handmade pillow boxes. These containers can be customized to match your specific requirements. Custom Printed Pillow Packaging Boxes Wholesale

Concentrate on the Dimensions That You Want

When creating personalised pillow boxes, a manufacturer must consider the size of the item. The first and most significant consideration is the size of your box. It’s critical for keeping your belongings as safe as possible.

Designing a large size box Custom Printed Pillow Packaging Boxes Wholesale for packaging items for gift reasons is inefficient in terms of safety. As a result, your products will vibrate.

A smaller custom printed cushion packing boxes wholesale, on the other hand, may make it progressively difficult to fit your things inside. It is likely that the edges will be broken, increasing the risk of the products being damaged.

Spend Less Money

Using cardboard sheets to build the appropriate-sized Kraft pillow boxes could save your company money in the long term. It also lowers the risk of damage and ensures that your goods arrive in good shape.

Choose the Most Powerful Template

Another thing to keep in mind is to select an acceptable box template. Because each product necessitates its own packaging. It is critical to select the appropriate container design for the work.

Get a Wide Range of Appealing Designs

You may have a lot of options as a brand owner. There are mailer-style packaging, personalised gift boxes, sleeved boxes, foldable containers, two-piece rigid containers, gable boxes, and a range of additional solutions available.

What Is The Best Way To Create Blueprint Packaging?

These templates are first drawn on cardboard and then cut out to create the necessary pillow boxes.

Choosing the right packaging for your products can help your business in the long run. It is more suitable for your items. Furthermore, this packaging contributes to the improvement of your company’s image.

Make Your Design in a Professional Way

It’s vital to think about how you’ll show your Kraft pillow boxes artwork. Because it is so vital in drawing the attention of prospective purchasers.

First, create the artwork that will be utilised to create the cardboard sheets.

Take Advantage of 3D Modeling

You have the option of using a 3D box design or a die-line design. If you don’t have access to or understand how to use expensive design tools, the 3D box design is an excellent alternative.

Die Cutting Templates

Die-cutting Templates, on the other hand, provide you complete control over the layout, fonts, colours, and alignment of your design.

• Check for any cut or crop lines in your artwork.

• They must be saved in the form of vectors or forms.

Packaging Typography

If you use a strong typeface, your text will be readable when printed. A simple font design, on the other hand, may be lost during printing.

If you’re utilising light-colored or white content against a dark background, add some flair to your containers.

It is likely that ink can bleed, and a dark background will create an optical illusion. When viewed from a distance, it reduces your text and, in some situations, makes it invisible.

Use dark colours and large fonts.

If you reduce the size of your writing, it will become fuzzy and unintelligible. Text printed on custom pillow boxes looks best when it’s in a large font with dark colours, especially if it’s italicised.

Select the Most Appropriate Color Schemes

The more enticing your bundle, the more probable it is that you will attract repeat customers. Color models are the most effective approach to make your personalised pillow boxes and packing stand out.

It’s probable that you’ll need to hire a professional to assist you in completing them appropriately.

Color Schemes in CMYK and PMS

The most common color techniques are CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key black) and PMS (primary, secondary, and tertiary) (primary, secondary, and tertiary).

You may make a striking combination by combining these four typical colours in CMYK without having to worry about pixel breaking.

PMS is getting more well-known these days. Regardless of its high cost, it may be utilised to make high-quality wholesale custom printed cushion packing boxes.


These Kraft pillow boxes come in a range of colours and textures.

• Glossy coating: provides the box a sparkling appearance while keeping moisture out.

• Gold or silver foil can also be used to get the same effect.

It does, however, act as a moisture barrier and protects objects from dangerous elements.

Insulation for Packing

Temperature changes have an effect on products. As a result, having the best heat-resistant packaging is beneficial.

Its construction material functions as an insulator, preventing heat from infiltrating and damaging the item inside. As a result, you won’t have to worry about losing money if you offer your goods in high-demand areas.

When objects do not perform correctly in cold weather, these boxes can be utilised to keep them usable and warm. It’s one of the reasons why eco-friendly and sustainable boxes are so adaptable. Similarly, you can protect your merchandise by putting bubble pads inside the box.


Examine some of your most recent purchases. The vast majority of businesses package their products in personalised pillow boxes. These companies choose Kraft because it is a versatile material. We use it to package a wide range of objects, including food, clothing, cosmetics, machinery, housing, and a variety of daily consumables, in addition to products.

These personalised boxes are well-known for their long-term durability and affordable cost. Its exceptional qualities have made it a preferred choice among all of the world’s biggest brands.

To construct fantastic Custom Boxes, however, you’ll need to produce more appealing and professional cardboard sheets. Because these sheets join to make a box. You must improve their presentation if you want to achieve the best results.

In this post, Fast Custom Boxes has addressed all of the useful and practical strategies for more efficiently creating custom wholesale boxes. For additional information, please see our homepage.