Sure, you want to turn social media followers into paying clients or customers. However, what you do today can impact your business’ social media presence in the long run.

As such, you should develop a robust social media marketing campaign that can bring results in the long run. Here, I’m sharing 13 social media marketing tips every startup can benefit from:

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Create a social media strategy Find out what platforms your audience uses Learn more about your audience Use the same handle for every platform Assess your social media channels Create valuable content Keep track of trends Post content regularly Share high-quality images Use emojis and hashtags Build a brand message Engage with your audience A/B test your campaigns Before we get into the tips,

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let’s start with exploring why you need to focus on social media in the first place. Why should startups focus on social media marketing?

Social media is one the most effective marketing tools out there. For one, it allows you to build awareness for your startup. It also enables you to establish two-way communication with your customers.

Other benefits of social media marketing are driving referral website traffic and generating conversion and sales. That’s because social media can help establish your startup’s brand authority and online presence.