Hospital queue management

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, a patient would easily walk into your clinic and check in with your receptionist. But with the pandemic still in full effect, it is crucial to find a new means for your patients to check in while minimizing the risk of transmitting COVID-19. The solution to protecting your patients and increasing clinic volume is a patient queue management solution. 

What is a Patient Queue Management System (QMS)?

The Patient Queue Management system is software that streamlines the entire queue system in such a manner that the patients and doctors don’t have to wait uselessly. With this system, healthcare facilities can get an impression of how many patients are anticipated on the day and the patients also benefit as they have an idea about how long they will have to wait for their turn.

Benefits of a Queue Management system at Healthcare facilities –

  • Reduce Waiting time  -The core function of a queue management system is to decrease the waiting time for every patient. It can be extremely irritating when patients don’t know how long they would have to wait for their turn. However, if the patients can make flexible and remote appointments and are well aware of their waiting time, a better patient experience is going to start even before they step into your premises.
  • Increasing staff satisfaction-    By streamlining the patient flow and making it more effective and organized, a patient management system can also increase staff satisfaction and productivity. Your team can easily keep track of which patients have checked in, the no. of patients waiting, their location, patients who need to be discharged, and more. This software makes it easy for your team to multi-task.
  • Adhere to Social Distancing Guidelines –  Healthcare facilities need to adhere to social distancing guidelines to keep patients protected and reduce down the spread of COVID-19. The patient queue management technology allows patients to wait in their cars until the staff is ready to attend to them. This keeps patients out of the waiting area and follows social distancing as much as possible.
  • Increase patient Volume  – One of the most beneficial perks of a queue management system is that it is helping healthcare facilities return to pre-COVID-19 patient volumes. 

 How does QMS (Queue Management System) help?

Appointment System 

Instead of booking an appointment on phone, the majority of people prefer to make them in person. This means that every day there are so many people piling into healthcare facilities to get appointments. When the first step is streamlined, there can a huge reduction in waiting area lines. With the appointment booking system, patients can get their required slots easily. When done manually, this process can take ages.

Digital Signage 

When confused, patients go to the counter for directions. As a result, your staff might have to deal with a lot of inquiries. Digital signage is perfect for this issue. The signage can clearly display the design of the facility. Moreover, videos and images playing on digital signage help to keep the patients engaged and informed.

Virtual Queue System

Healthcare Facilities will always have walk-in patients apart from the appointments. Instead of checking in at the reception and then waiting in a room full of people, patients can easily check-in online or through a QR code placed at the entrance of the premises. The patients can choose to wait in their car or at home if they live nearby. When the doctor is ready to see them, they will be notified via SMS that they should come in. They can receive the service right away without having to wait in the waiting area.


Protection from Covid-19 is of utmost concern to keep everyone safe. Healthcare facilities are the centre of infections and it is vital to keep the safety of staff and patients in mind. A queue management system is a perfect solution for this situation.